Looks Like Alex Smith Will Get The Chance To Destroy Yet Another Coach’s Career In San Francisco

Alex Smith

First, Mike Nolan hitched his coaching wagon to Alex Smith and was fired. Then, Mike Singletary tried to let Alex Smith hang around, and it eventually got him fired as well. Now Jim Harbaugh is taking the reins and for some odd reason, it seems that he is ready to make the same mistake his predecessors made.

When he was on the radio earlier this month, general manager Trent Baalke listed three ways the 49ers would go about restocking the quarterback position: the draft, free agency and trades. “Is the quarterback of the future on this roster?” Baalke asked. “I think it’s obvious that he isn’t at this point, but things could change and they will change through one of those three vehicles.”

When Jim Harbaugh went on the radio this week, he also talked about leaving no stone unturned when it came to gathering quarterbacks. But unlike Baalke, Harbaugh raised a fourth option – retaining a current quarterback, in particular, Alex Smith. “I’ve been studying Alex Smith and watching him,” Harbaugh told Grant Napear on KHTK radio in Sacramento. “And I believe that Alex Smith can be a winning quarterback in the National Football League. I’m excited to work with him, get to know him …”

Not quite sure what Harbaugh has been “studying”. But if he’s “studying” what we’ve all seen from Alex Smith and still came to that conclusion, Harbaugh may need a tutor.

Or better yet, the 49ers better go ahead and get a jump on searching for their next coach.

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  1. Why dont you try doing what you know how to do through somebody who plays you against your best abilities. A. Smith is a good QB. Vick is a runner, so they let him run. Alex cant get in a rythm if theyre constantly running it up the middle. On 3rd an 18??? Alex Smith will succeed. Those coaches fired themselves. S. Evans(if thats the writer) your a fukgni idiot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    lets hope that harbaugh has more ideas besides a.s. not that he might not be good just hasn't showed me enough to think he's the qb of the future. Though I do agree the coaches got themselves fired.

  3. ARAMARK - Correctional Services - FSD says:

    Alex Smith has the tools to be successful. Watch Alex run a 2 minute drill (All I ever saw was Touchdowns) Alex is a cerebral QB that needed the opportunity to function under a real Offensive Coordinator. Alex has never had the talent around him until recently to have a slim hope of success. Nor has he had a coach that had the brains to take advantage of his skills. The 49ers as an organization has failed Alex Smith not the other way around. Its a good thing he made millions in his rookie contract. The Singletary's and the Nolan's of the world can coach until the croak. Alex's window of opportunity as an NFL QB is only a fraction of that. And those 2 idiots managed to nearly suck the life out of his career. You CANNOT expect a QB to be successful with only a Tight End who shows his talent when feels like it and third tier wide receivers at best. A new Offensive Coordinator every year shows that the Organization as a whole is a ship without a rudder and the only individual to get the blame is ALEX SMITH?? The Gutless wonders running this organization should man up and make sure that they give ALEX every opportunity to succeed.. The 49ers failed Alex not the other way around..

  4. Hey guys get a clue, we all know with a.s. as QB we been down way down, not good! but….. with a.s. this year as QB we may hit rock bottom, not happy! but maybe good, you know next year we could get vary, vary LUCK…y now thats good.

  5. Anyone who thinks that Alex Smith can be a franchise q.b. is fooling themselves, he may eventually turn out to be somewhat decent, but I highly doubt it, as for his intelligence, there is a big difference between intelligence and football intelligence, which is obvious by Alex Smith being the opposing teams defensive mvp every game as his mistakes allowed them the chance to win.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got to agree with most of the people on here. Alex Smith can be a great quarterback. The only problem the past couple of years have been really bad because when you don't have coaches to train a quarterback they get screwed. Trust me if they played to his strengths he would of got us there. The only problem is consistency at an offense that plays to his strengths and not giving up. Nobody tell me that Alex doesn't have it because he does (remember the Philly game where so many fans were booing Alex). The kid has tough skin. We will regret it if he goes to an opponent that's in our division. I hope we keep him. Jim will do wonders with Alex and soon enough we will all be cheering.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that if Harbaugh actually watched film of Alex Smith he couldn't see that Alex Smith CANT find open receivers, and even if he does he is more likely to over throw them or be WAY off target. I can believe how many times I watched Alex Smith from a behind the QB view and saw him throw to receivers that were 2-3 yards downfield while others we going COMPLETELY WIDE OPEN right in front of him 15-20 yards down the field. He has no savy in the pocket, he is like a deer in the headlights that cant take his eyes off the first option short. If you watch him you will see he looks at the primary receiver then almost immediately dumps it to the back coming out of the backfield while NEVER looking elsewhere. I have seen two plays in particular that would have been instant touchdowns had he thrown it to receivers that were breaking wide open. The ONLY way he can pass is if the receiver is WIDE open to him as he has no clue otherwise where the receiver will be or if he will be open! Im sorry I was very optimistic at the beginning of last year that all the EXCUSES that were made for Alex were possibly true but while in fact if he ever does play in the NFL he will be at best a 2nd to 3rd string qb. God help us if Harbaug thinks otherwise as we will be wasting more years on a project that should have been dumped 2-3 years ago!!!!

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