Let’s Start The Week With The BCS Trophy Making Its Appearance In Wal-Mart

BCS trophy in Walmart

Auburn’s BCS National Championship trophy made a stop at a Montgomery, Alabama and of course, there were pictures taken. And of course, we’ve sniffed out a few of the best ones for your enjoyment. Just like this one of an Oregon fan that somehow found his way to Montgomery and decided to have his picture taken. How an Oregon fan made it to a Wal-Mart in Alabama is another story for another time. But as for now, we have pictures to peruse.

BCS trophy in Walmart

For such an occasion as this, the muscle had to be on-hand.

BCS trophy in Walmart

He’s just as surprised as the rest of us that Auburn has a BCS trophy. And it’s in Wal-Mart!

BCS trophy in Walmart

Awwww. Aint that precious.

And just in case we weren’t clear, if you come across more of these photos, send em our way.

Via Montgomery Advertiser

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