LeBron James’ Alter Egos To Be Highlighted In His New Online Cartoon Series

The LeBrons

It looks like LeBron James taking his talents to animation as he is getting ready to launch an online series for kids. The show will be called “The LeBrons” and will be a cartoon series that follows him as a 16 year-old. LeBron claims he always had dreams of being a superhero just like the rest of us.

“I think everybody, even grown-ups now, today all wish they could be a superhero,” Mr. James, the Miami Heat forward and six-time N.B.A. All-Star, said in a recent telephone interview. “I definitely had that imagination of, like, wow, it would be great to look over a city and take down the bad guys. Absolutely, I had those visions.”

The season will have 5 to 10 episode and is supposed to have a message for the kids that watch. I most definitely know that I’m not going to be watching none of these, but I guess some of you can tell me how it is.

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