Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford for 49ERS Gig

Jim Harbaugh After 4 years of progression at Stanford, head coach Jim Harbaugh is heading to the San Francisco 49ers to take on the head spot, according to ESPN reports.

The Cardinals finished the 2010 season 12-1 with a 40-12 Orange Bowl win over Virginia Tech on Tuesday.

Harbaugh was courted by Michigan, the Miami Dolphins and even Stanford, but a 5-year/$25M contract proved to the prime factor in his decision.

The younger Harbaugh, played in the NFL from 1987-2001 and was Michigan’s star QB in the mid 80’s.

The brothers, John, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim are scheduled to face off in the NFL’s 2011 season; the date has yet to be revealed.
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