Jeff Fisher Is Out As Tennessee Titans Head Coach

Jeff Fisher out as Tennessee Titans head coach

After cutting ties with Vince Young, the Tennessee Titans have also decided to cut ties with head coach Jeff Fisher after 16 years.

In an unexpected development in what already has been a turbulent offseason in Tennessee, the Titans and Jeff Fisher, the NFL’s longest-tenured head coach, are preparing to part ways, learned Thursday afternoon.

According to an NFL source close to the situation in Tennessee, the move could be announced as early as Friday, although it’s uncertain if Fisher’s departure will be termed a firing, a resignation or a mutual parting of ways.

Though information about Fisher’s situation was scarce Thursday, it was confirmed by a league source that he will not return to coach the team in 2011, contrary to what was previously expected. Fisher was said to be in the process of negotiating the terms of his departure with Titans owner Bud Adams.

According to a league source, only Adams, Fisher, Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt and team general counsel Steve Underwood were aware of the finer details of Fisher’s imminent departure early Thursday evening. Members of the Titans front office could not be reached for comment Thursday, but was in contact with a member of the Titans public relations staff, who could not confirm the news.

Since it was thought that owner Bud Adams chose Fisher over Young, this news is rather surprising.  So without a quarterback and a head coach, where do the Titans turn now?  And where does Jeff Fisher land? Television? Or does his availability cause a few dominoes to fall?

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