Jay Cutler Walked Around Los Angeles Yesterday Just To Piss You Off

Jay Cutler out shopping with Kristin Cavallari

So the last time I hypothesized that Jay Cutler was trying to piss you off, I was really halfway joking. But this time I’m serious.

Instead of Cutler laying low, staying away from the cameras and at least pretending to rest an injury that he wants all to believe he sustained in NFC championship game, he continues to not sit himself down anywhere.

Just yesterday, Cutler was out in Los Angeles shopping with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari. And wouldn’t you know it, he walked the entire time.

That pisses you off doesn’t it?

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler mustered up enough toughness to stroll around an L.A. shopping center with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari yesterday … TOUGH!!!!!!

Even with his busted knee — Cutler managed to keep up with Kristin for the entire duration of the shopping trip … TOUGH!!!!!

Of course, our guy didn’t ask Jay about his injury … or the rampant criticism of his dedication to the Bears … or anything relevant.

But we did ask Kristin about her quick jaunt to Crate and Barrel — TOUGH!!

Still have hope that the “Jay Cutler seen dunking a basketball at a local park” report will finally surface.

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