Jay Cutler Took The Stairs Last Night Just To Piss You Off

Jay Cutler took the stairs at dinner

Day 2 of the “Jay Cutler is a quitter” bonanza kicks off with a “report” from the Chicago Tribune that Jay Cutler took the steps instead of the elevator while out to dinner last night.

And that pisses you off doesn’t it?

Jay Cutler and girlfriend Kristin Cavallari dined at Mastro’s Steakhouse on Sunday after the Bears’ 21-14 loss to the Packers in the NFC championship game.

Cutler, who left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury, was not on crutches but “he limped a tiny bit,” according to a source. The couple was joined by 11 other people in Mastro’s private upstairs dining room, and our spies tell us that he took the stairs rather than the elevator.

Tomorrow? Jay Cutler seen dunking a basketball at a local gym. Can’t wait.

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