In Case You Were Wondering, Ines Sainz Is Picking The NY Jets To Win The Super Bowl

Ines Sainz

Usually I could care less about someone’s Super Bowl prediction because it’s pretty useless to me. But when Ines Sainz makes a Super Bowl prediction, it’s still pretty useless, but not as useless. Especially when she picks the team that she alleges sexually harassed her when she made a visit to the Jets facility in those jeans to win it all.

Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz wants the world to know she holds no grudge against the Jets.

In fact, the stunning blond, who was sexually harassed during a visit to Gang Green’s training facility, is picking them to win the Super Bowl.

“They are like a star in the movies,” she told Chaunce Hayden in an interview with Steppin’ Out magazine. “They win games you truly believe they are going to lose.”

Sainz, who works for TV Azteca, thinks the Jets are the class of the AFC – and says they’ll upset the Patriots this weekend.

“I truly believe they have the best chance to win the Super Bowl,” she said. “I think Mark Sanchez will do it!”

All’s well that ends well.

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