If The NFL Passes On Him, Greg McElroy Will Take His Talents To ESPN

Greg McElroy

It is always good to have a backup plan if the original plan doesn’t come through. That is the situation former Alabama QB Greg McElroy is in right now. During ESPN’s week long coverage of the BCS national title game, McElroy was impressive with his “poised delivery and knowledge of the game”. Even though he hasn’t been offered a formal contract, McElroy knows that he could get the job if he wants it.

“They haven’t said anything specifically to me, but rumors around were that if I wanted to come on, there was a place for me,” McElroy said. “They were happy about the way things went, and I felt pretty confident about how I handled myself. It’s a lot more difficult that people give it credit for.”

It looks like McElroy is going to have a job somewhere next year. Only time will tell where.

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  1. I heard mcelroy on "the heard" a few weeks back and before i new who was speaking i thought to myself,"this guy talking is good",very good .who is he? and later i found out who he was. i was very impressed with is delivery,style,poise and knowledge.i couldn't believe he was a college student.so young but,so good,nice job and best to you.

  2. McElroy is a rich kid who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth….he has nothing to work hard for….his dad is an Exec with the Cowboys and has connections everywhere…its not what you know, but who you know….he will go undrafted

  3. Jeez Jonnie boy, bitter much? So because his dad works or worked for the 'Boys ESPN would just offer up a job as on-air personality? Get a grip on reality and a life of your own. Perhaps he has personal goals, something people like you don't, that he works toward. Were you with him at Bama everyday watching how he worked out or practiced or studied? How do you know he has nothing to work hard for? Do you know how much prep tv people go through for games?

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