Here’s The Best (And Only) Camel-Race Fixing Story You’ll Read All Day

Camel racing

Yeah, I know. Many of you don’t follow camel racing. I don’t follow it either. I mean, I didn’t even know people raced camels. Wouldn’t that be an awfully slow race anyway? The concept just doesn’t sound exhilarating at all. But that’s beside the point. The point here is when you come across a story about men being charged with fixing camel races, you have to read it.

It’s just mandatory.

Three men arrested in Dubai and accused of selling robot jockeys that give camels electric shocks were facing lengthy jail sentences Friday.

Robot jockeys are regularly used during camel racing, an ancient sport in the Middle East, but the men are accused of selling rigged versions that administer electric shocks to make the camels run faster.

Undercover officers posing as customers made the arrest and said they negotiated paying the men around 29,000 dirhams ($8,000) for each modified robot, around 30 times more than the price of ordinary robots.

Just more evidence that people will try to fix any sport.

Men charged with camel-race fixing (Fox Sports)

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