Has Anyone Heard From Dan Gilbert Lately?

Dan Gilbert Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Dan Gilbert and his Cleveland Cavaliers are the worst team in the NBA right now.

At 8-33, the Cavs, for lack of a more fitting term, suck. They have lost 14 in a row and have won only one game since November 30.

Do you remember, I do, Gilbert stating that the Cavs would make the playoffs and win a title before Lebron James?

A title, the Cavs will be lucky to win 15 games by season’s end.

After the Lebron James’ decision to leave Cleveland, Glibert let emotions get the best of him when he released several biased, unpatriotic statements comparing James to Bendict Arnold.

His rhetoric was neither classy or accurate, but rather it showed us the type of guy he really is. Because of his antics, his team is in disarray with no hope of landing a veteran star that could help turn things around.

No one wants to play for a owner that will throw you under the bus if you decide to leave as Gilbert did with Lebron. With that said, I’d like to be the first to welcome Dan Gilbert back to the front row of the Draft Lottery, he’s earned it.

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