Fresh Off Of Being Elected Into The Hall Of Fame, Bert Blyleven Feels The Need To Address Steroid Users

Bert Blyleven

After years of debate on whether Bert Blyleven was worthy of being elected to the Hall of Fame, yesterday, he finally got the call. In the middle of his excitement and celebration, Blyleven decided that he needed to speak out against the candidates that would’ve gotten in ahead of him if it weren’t for the steroid issues hanging over there heads.

Players who were caught — or even suspected — of using steroids didn’t get much support from Baseball Hall of Fame voters this year. And they likely shouldn’t expect any from Bert Blyleven in the future.

“Guys cheated,” Blyleven said yesterday after his election. “They cheated themselves and their teammates. The game of baseball is to be played clean. I think we went through a steroid era, and I think it’s up to the writers to decide when and who should go in through that era.”

Sure is easy to grandstand once you’ve been elected in, isn’t it Bert?

Blyleven says cheaters don’t belong in Hall of Fame (NY Post)

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