Fran Tarkenton Is Talking Again, And This Time His Target Is Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

Fran Tarkenton

As we have noted here during the season, Georgia fans are getting a little restless with Mark Richt and that his seat was starting to get warm. Tarkenton who played for Georgia was a little fired up on 680 AM The Fan in Atlanta and questioned Richt’s desire and says no one cares about a coach’s religion.

“He’s a wonderful guy. He’s a good, Christian guy. He wants to be a missionary. He goes on missions. That’s a wonderful thing but do you know the religion of Nick Saban or Gus Malzahn or Chip Kelly playing for the national championship?

I don’t think we care. What’s their religion, that’s their business but we hire them to be football coaches. If we’re going to hire religious instructors, let’s go to the Candler School of Theology over here in Decatur and get some of their people to come and coach our football team.

For more of Fran’s criticisms of Mark Rich head on over to 680 The Fan.

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  1. Gary Frazier says:

    I posted a similar response to an article, in USAToday, a few years ago, when someone demanded, "Show of Religion Should Be Banned From Sports," in an editorial.

    As long as you have the likes of irrelgious people, doing as they please and demanding it's their right to do so, under U.S. law, you cannot convince me that Mark Richt or anyone, like him, who praises the King of kings and Lord of lords, for his victories is wrong!!

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