Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Doesn’t Quite Understand How The Media Works, Amongst Other Things

Stephen Ross

So now that Jim Harbaugh has decided to take the 49ers job, it’s time to sit back and reflect on just how much the Dolphins were trying to screw its head coach, Tony Sparano. And to get the most accurate explanation of the potential screw job, we must examine the not so covert moves of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Ross has only owned the Dolphins for a mere two years and obviously has a lot to learn. Especially when it comes to maneuvering around the story hungry media.

Ross somehow believed that he would be able to “secretly” meet with Jim Harbaugh about a job opening, that he didn’t presently have, and no one, namely Tony Sparano, would find out about it.

Boy was he wrong.

Ross and [Dolphins General Manager Jeff] Ireland flew to California for an interview Thursday with Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, leaving Sparano in very public limbo. Negotiations broke off, Harbaugh took a job with the 49ers, and Ross decided to keep Sparano.

Ross, who took over the Dolphins two years ago, said he had never interviewed a coach before and was naive to think he could keep his meeting with Harbaugh secret.

“I should have probably let Tony know,” Ross said. “I never thought it would be national news. I realized after having read the papers the anguish I had put Tony through. It’s probably a mistake on my part not thinking that when you do something like this, it’s public.”

Congratulations Dolphins fans. This is what you have running your organization.

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