Did Les Miles Turn Down $4 Million From Michigan To Stay At LSU?

Les Miles

Well, that is exactly what LSU’s Board of Supervisors member Stanley Jacobs is telling everyone about the situation. After it was made clear that Jim Harbaugh was heading to the NFL, Miles became the leading candidate for Michigan. Even though Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon says the job was never offered to Miles, Jacobs has apparently heard something different.

“He was offered more than 4 million to become the Michigan coach,” LSU Board of Supervisors member Stanley Jacobs said Friday. “When he said no, they came back and offered him more. And he said no again.”

“He never leveraged his offer from Michigan for more money from LSU,” Jacobs said. “This guy is the real deal. He really is. He was offered more money. I was told in the $4.25 million range and turned it down. Then they came back and offered more, and he turned it down again.”

When you offer a coach that much money and he turns you down, and then you offer more and he still turns you down, that has to hurt. If this is true, it shows just how far Michigan has fallen as a program.

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