Charles Barkley Rains On Mike D’Antoni And The Knicks’ Parade

Charles Barkley’s classic mugshot

For the first time in a very long time, the New York Knicks are somewhat relevant. They are currently 6th in the Eastern Conference at 24-21 and they are competing on nightly basis. And that’s something that couldn’t be said about the Knicks the past few years.

Just as the city, and the rest of the league, begins to warm up to the fact that the Knicks just may be turning a corner, in comes Charles Barkley to rain on the parade.

“I can already read the headlines – ‘Barkley bashes D’Antoni,'” Barkley, now a TNT analyst, said before Thursday night’s game. “I do not think (the Knicks) can win with that system. I saw it in Phoenix. And let me tell you something, they had a lot more talent in Phoenix. A lot more. Let me just tell you this – the three most critical areas of the game are defense, rebounding and turnovers. That’s one of the fundamental flaws of that system. It’s like the pretty girl you go out with, then you realize she ain’t got no brains. It’s not going to end pretty.”

Nothing earth shattering here. Everyone that isn’t a Knicks fan knows that this D’Antoni thing won’t end well. But it will be great fun running up all those regular season victories.

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