Brett Favre Files Retirement Paperwork!!!!

Brett Favre crying

Could it really be? No, it couldn’t be. Could Brett Favre’s career finally be over? Has he filed retirement papers before? What does filing retirement papers even mean? Will ESPN devote a 24 hour special to Favre being “like a kid out there”? So many questions need to be answered. For now, let’s handle what we know.

Two sources told on Monday that Favre has already filed his retirement papers with the NFL, just weeks after the end of his 20th season.

While he could still change his mind, as he did in the 2008 and 2009 offseasons, there is no indication Favre will return. The 41-year-old quarterback stated 2010 was his final season after rejoining the Vikings in August and reiterated that intent throughout an injury-plagued campaign.

Of course, more details to come. Unfortunately.

Favre turns in retirement paperwork (Fox Sports)

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  1. fauxpopuli says:

    Yeah, he's filed retirement papers both of the other times he "retired" as well. This is the earliest that he has filed them yet, but that just gives him more time to change his mind amirite?

    He might finally be done for good, but the papers prove nothing either way.

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