Attention, We Need All Strippers To Please Report To Dallas For The Super Bowl

Dallas is short on strippers for the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl just a little over a week away, Dallas is readying itself to be a gracious host for the many people that will flock to the area to spend an insane amount of money. And just what is the crowd for the Super Bowl going to spend the most on besides parking? Strippers, of course.

But therein lies the problem. The Dallas area seems to be short on those skilled in the art of exotic dance. So the rush is on to get some new “talent” in town.

John Walsh — the guy who runs Showtime Cabaret — tells TMZ, his fine establishment employs 50 lovely ladies … but he’s in the market for another 100-120 lap dancers to get down for the big weekend — STAT!

Walsh says all told … the 60 clubs in Dallas’ 30 Mile Zone need an additional 10,000 strippers.

Arlington city officials expect to host 300,000 visitors that weekend — which puts the tourist to stripper ratio at around 30:1 … not too shabby.

Recession my a%#.

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