At The University Of Alabama, Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

Alabama cheerleaders

Earlier this month, the Alabama Crimson Tide cheerleaders placed first at the Universal Cheerleaders Association College National Championship. So you would think if you won a National Title you would get rings right? Well, at their first practice after winning the National Title, their coach David McDowell told the squad that the university won’t give them championship rings.

Of course, you know the cheerleaders were upset.

“We all kind of expected we would get them because everyone else who has won this competition has received them in the past,” said squad member Jill Honeycutt.

“We definitely expected rings,” said Josh Olson, Honeycutt’s teammate and a partner in their championship-winning routine. “Kentucky has won 18 times and they have 18 rings to show for them, that the school gave them.”

Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “why can’t they get rings?”

Well, here is what Alabama’s UA associate athletic director for media relations had to say.

“The University of Alabama congratulates our cheerleader squad on winning the UCA cheerleading competition,” Walker said in a release. “The Athletics Department typically awards rings to intercollegiate athletic teams. The rules, policies and guidelines governing the roles and activities of cheerleaders have been consistent for the past several years, and were in place before the squad participated in the UCA event.”

In other words we are not going to spend money on cheerleaders.

This last quote from a member of the squad sums up what Alabama really cares about.

“They’re just more about competition at Kentucky. They set out to win the national championship every year and usually they do,” Honeycutt said. “At Alabama, we focus on being good game-day cheerleaders because we feel that that’s all the university wants out of us. We don’t do much of our competition stuff at games. We do more crowd-pleasing things and try to get the crowd interacting. We really focus on doing a lot of cheers.”

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  1. Jen Green says:

    Wow. Why even bother letting them compete if you don't think they deserve the same types of rewards as the other activities coming out of the athletic department? That's just a shame. The bottom line is that your cheerleading team just made a major accomplishment, and instead of capitalizing on that, you've just completely belittled it. Congratulations, to the team, I do hope the administrations treatment of you hasn't taken all the fun out of your hard work and victory.

  2. it seems to me that the athletic department has taken a step back in time to before title IX. they obviously have never watched some of the practices the cheerleaders go through. It is every bit as much a sport as any of the team sports. they put a lot of time and hard work. I challenge anyone to try and keep up with them. congratulations team you deserve it.

  3. About damn time someone realizes cheerleading is NOT a sport! SMH!

  4. Everybody knows that the only thing Alabama cares about is football.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Many years ago, Col. Carlton Butler, the long-time director of Alabama's Million Dollar Band, refused to have majorettes as a part of the band. There was a drum major, and one uniformed female…jacket and long skirt… marching at the front of the band carrying a large bouqet of roses. The band's sole purpose was the playing of music, not displaying attractive legs and bare shoulders. Or, so it was in Col. Butler's mind.It seems that type of mindset has again surfaced.
    Coach Saban continually praises the support that Bama fans provides for the team. Perhaps the "non-athletic" cheerleaders should just sit-out a few games? The fans could probably begin and maintain the "Rollllllllllll Tide"! without the cheerleaders at kickoffs, couldn't they? Surely the student-section could manage the continual sequence of vocal support without leadership.
    This narrow, archaic decision should be reconsidered.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cheerleaders have a hard gruling task of doing many of the same things the other serious athletes do to get ready for their games. They lift weights, run bleachers, hours and hours of training. Do you think you could go out there and do those jumps and lift those girls without all the proper training. Could you do back handsprings or back tucks without the proper trainging. You could not. Cheerleading is a sport, you could not just stand there and say Roll Tide. I bet those that think it is not a sport think the same thing about Gymnastics. I am disappointed in this and will also let the Athletic Depaartment know how I feel. I spend my money on the whole University not just one part of it!!

  7. Those aren't cheerleaders in that picture. That's the dance team. BIG difference.

  8. the TRUTH says:

    i cheer. no i don’t cheer for alabama. This is ridiculous. cheerleading is as much of a sport as any. we work and work. Ceer is the most dangerous SPORT and we should be recognized fo it.these girls deserve every bit of respect as any other sport out there.

  9. So much was left out of this report it’s a disgusting representation of journalism. The final excerpt from a squad member ended as such, “We thought that if we proved that we were good game-day cheerleaders and could go and win nationals on top of that in our own time, that they would kind of change their mind on competition cheerleading. But it didn’t.” They even practice at their coaches gym for nationals…using absolutely none of the schools resources… And it’s not even a picture of their cheerleading team… How’s this…. im wearing my NCA national championship ring… for cheerleading… my school paid for it… real diamonds… They proudly display our mascot.

  10. Lets see your AD do the sport…Complete Jackass

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