Running Up The Score Against Notre Dame Is A Must Says A Former Miami Hurricane Player

Randal Hill

You would think that after 20 years, some former Miami Hurricanes’ hatred for the Domers would have faded away. Well, it looks like former standout receiver Randal Hill doesn’t forgive or forget. Miami and Notre Dame was once an intense rivalry known to many as the ‘Catholics vs. Convicts’. So when Hill found out that his Hurricanes were set to play the Irish, Hill let his feelings be known.

“I don’t care what the University of Miami’s record is, if you have Notre Dame on the schedule, you have to win that game,” Hill said on Sunday afternoon, shortly after it became official that the Hurricanes and Notre Dame will play in the Sun Bowl on Dec. 31. “I despise them. On the field, there is nothing that’s acceptable except crushing Notre Dame. And if you’re winning, run up the score.”

Hill got so worked up he even started to compare the two schools programs.

”I have a major problem with Notre Dame,” said Hill, a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security. “They always thought they were better than us and they had an attitude of ‘Catholics vs. Convicts’ even though our graduation rate was higher than their’s.

“We won more national titles than they did. But I had a problem with their ego. I’ll never let that go. I remember getting off the bus, being called [the N-word], being spit on, being called all these different names. I don’t forget that type of stuff.

“Off the field, it’s a different story. I knew a lot of those guys in the [NFL] and they were great guys. But on the field when you play Notre Dame, you have to take care of business. It’s unacceptable to lose to them, period.”

I know Hill was in the heat of the moment, but there is no way Miami had a better graduation rate then Notre Dame, especially with the guys that was on that Miami team. The Hurricanes are in a bad state right now, but Hill thinks beating the Irish can give the fans something to cheer about after a disappointing 7-5 season.

“It would help,” Hill said. “It’s still a big blow as far as how the season went but it’s always good to end the season on a positive note, especially if it’s by beating Notre Dame.”

That’s true because the Hurricanes need as much positive press they can after this terrible coaching search ends.

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