“Queen James” Apparel Shows Up Just In Time For LeBron’s Return To Cleveland

Queen James apparel

For Clevelanders, tomorrow is the big day. The day they finally get to face the man that decided to inform them that he had decided to take his talents to South Beach on national television.

With such an occasion upon them, it’s imperative that everything be coordinating. From their signs, their chants, and their clothing, Cleveland fans are likely to bring out all the stops. And luckily for them, the Atlanta duo of Ralph Reynolds and Derrick Tatum will be in Cleveland tomorrow with all the “Queen James” apparel that they can stand.

Queen James apparel

Derrick Tatum, left, and Ralph Reynolds hold up shirts and buttons they created and are selling under the label “Queen James 23” in “honor” of NBA star LeBron James, outside Quick Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, in Cleveland on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010. James and his team the Miami Heat will play his old team the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time on Thursday since leaving to play for the Heat. Tatum and Reynolds have a chemical business in Atlanta, but decided to create the line, paint one of their trucks, and make the trek to Cleveland in anticipation of the teams’ first meeting of the season since James’ controversial departure.

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