Let’s Start The Week By Watching Cincinnati’s Mascot Get Arrested For Throwing Snowballs

Cincinnatti mascot gets arrested

In the midst of Cincinnati’s 28-10 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday, Cincinnati students decided to do what students do while watching a football game that their team is losing. They started a snowball fight. But things turned a bit serious when the snowballs began hitting players on the field. And then, things turned even more serious when Cincinnati’s mascot scaled a platform and upped the ante of the snowball.

And let’s just say, things didn’t end well for the mascot. But you already figured that.

According to University of Cincinnati Police, fans began to throw snowballs on the field at the players.

An announcement was made for those fans to stop, but police said it wasn’t just the fans joining in the fun.

UC’s official mascot climbed on top of this platform behind the student section and started his own snowball fight.

Police said it became a safety issue.

“He’s throwing snowballs down to the students in the crowd. They’re throwing snowballs back at him. They’re missing him. They’re hitting other people. Plus he’s up on top of like a 6 foot high wall that has ice and snow on top of it,” said Asst. Chief Jeff Corcoran.

Police said they asked the mascot to get down.

Once he did, police said somehow the incident turned physical and they believe the mascot shoved an officer.

“Whether or not he meant to push him to the ground, I don’t know. Again, it’s ice and snow out there. But anyway they both ended up on the ground. And when the decision was made to arrest him, you know it’s routine that you handcuff people in a prone position like that,” said Corcoran.

The mascot, identified as UC student Robert Garfield was given a citation for disorderly conduct and released.

Time for the visuals!

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