LeBron Heading Back To Cleveland: Why All The Disdain?

LeBron James We all have been fascinated, apparently, by the LeBron James saga since his unparalleled ‘The Decision” aired on ESPN in July.

Lets get to the root of the problem. Cleveland, along with some sports figures, entertainers and writers have crucified a young man for making a business decision.

All he did was choose a different team, right. Nothing illegal at all.

Sure, Cleveland’s economy, namely the sports bars and restaurants near Quicken Loans Arena, have taken a hit in the wallet, but is James truly to blame?

He left, but while he was there he led Cleveland to multiple 60+ win seasons, the 2007 NBA Finals and made Cleveland sports relevant for seven years.

Either way, most Cleveland fans will boo him tonight while wearing Queen James gear judging him for making a career decision. A decision that, in his opinion, will be a better fit for he and his family.

I wonder how many Cleveland fans attending tonight’s game have recently done the same thing. Left one job for another, for money, benefits a better work schedule. I’m sure some will be in attendance.

Still, their decisions aren’t discussed on the major networks. Seemingly, no one cares about their actions because they aren’t famous. My suggestions for the everyone that has a problem with what LeBron James did, pick up a Bible and read Matthew chapter 7. I’m no saint, but that chapter gives a little perspective, helps show some humility and inspire sympathy for others situations.

Who am kidding; this is America. Honestly, I know zero fans will attempt to be humane tonight. I just hope James makes it home safely.
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