Kerry Collins’ Errant Passes Have Now Become Dangerous

Kerry Collins

We all used to just point and laugh when Kerry Collins errant pass sailed over an open receiver. But those days are gone. Especiallt for Titans defensive end William Hayes.

Hayes was standing on the sideline minding his own business during yesterday’s game against the Chiefs when a Kerry Collins errant pass hit him in the head and concussed him.

“That’s kind of how the game went,” Fisher said. “I’ve never had a player leave the game with a concussion after getting hit with the ball on the sideline. But we’ll see how he is this week.”

Hayes was unable to return to the game, but Titans fans can take solace in the fact that Collins did at least hit a Titans player for once.

Said Haye, who had played in the previous 14 games: “I was inactive. Point blank. Period. That’s the reality. I always want to be playing. But that’s the decision they made. I am a player. I don’t make the decisions. They have the first and final say-so.”

Someone get Roger Goodell on the horn. Time to add a “Kerry Collins errant passes” addendum to the concussion policy.

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