Jim Tressel Made The Suspended Ohio State Players Promise To Come Back Next Year In Exchange For Playing In The Sugar Bowl

Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel is a smart man. He’s smart enough to understand that possibly challenging for a National Championship next year is much more important than winning a meaningless bowl. He’s smart enough to understand that student-athletes really love the athlete part of it. So whenever there’s a chance to play, they want to play. He’s also, apparently, a good salesman because he basically sold ice to his Eskimo suspended players. Follow me now.

Tressel somehow sold juniors Terrelle Pryor, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams and Dan Herron that they would be able to play in the Sugar Bowl only if they promised not to enter the NFL draft and return to Ohio State to serve a five game suspension.

No way they would accept that deal, right? Wrong.

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel said today that the six players suspended for the start of next season have pledged to return for next year, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl.

That boy is good.

Of course, there’s nothing to bind them to that promise – other than the potential anger of Tressel and how they’re regarded once they leave Ohio State.

Tressel also said the players would not be benched by him in any way for the Sugar Bowl – for a series, for a quarter – as any form of team punishment. He said all the decisions about playing time would be made only from a football standpoint.

It has already been reported that Sugar Bowl officials lobbied to keep the players in the game, so it seems that they would’ve played anyway. The kids could walk, but that seems highly unlikely. So it sounds like the only person benefiting from this whole thing is Jim Tressel.

That boy is good.

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  1. Jim Tressel is an asshole to make players choose to stay for another season in order to play in the Sugar Bowl is ridiculous. He is only doing it for his own selfish reasons knowing that if they all come back he'll have a good shot at the title next year. He does't care about them graduating or working on their skills. Also it puts the players in a bad predicament. If they decide not to play and leave early it makes it look like they're abandoning their teammates. If they play and then back out and leave early it looks bad on their character and integrity. I'm sure they all want to play but some may have poor families that they want to take care of. Jim Tressel should feel terrible for putting his players that he's supposed to care about in a situation like that. By the way i know what the players did was wrong but if Tressel feels that way he shouldn't give them the option to play anyways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tressel is a man of Christian character. He has the respect of his peers & his players, and made a Solomon-like move that hopefully will prove to the boys that integrity & character is worth more than what going to the NFL offers in mere $$$.

  3. HA HA HA! Tressel is the man alright. What a deal indeed. Will anyone be there this year to serve a 5 game suspension?

    The NCAA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing any of them to take the field in the Sugar Bowl.

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