Hulk Hogan’s Backyard Wedding Turned Into A Backyard Brawl

Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniels

Here’s a story that’s par for the course. Terry “Hulk” Hogan tried to marry his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniels in a very quick ceremony in the privacy of his own backyard, but apparently, it wasn’t quick enough. In the span of the two minutes that Hogan and McDaniels took to exchange vows, Hogan’s bodyguards beat down any and every member of the paparazzi that tried to get a picture of the newlyweds.

“Hulk’s security team was in the background throwing around the paparazzi who was standing 200 feet away in the shoreline water,” said one source.

Sounds festive. has confirmed cops were called but no one was arrested.

However, a source close to the photographer tells us he later filed a complaint with the Clearwater Police Department, alleging assault, battery and destruction of property.

“Hulk’s snappy wedding clip just might be subpoenaed since they are in the background punching it out!” added the insider.

“The paparazzo wants charges filed and plans to sue for physical, financial and emotional distress.”

Did I mention this is totally par for the course? Oh yeah, I did.

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  1. You forgot to mention that he married his daughter's virtual look alike. creepy

  2. I think their charges should be thrown out of court. It's about time someone beat the crap out of the Paparazzi. If anyone should get sued it's them for treapassing.
    Pass a law to keep them at a distance, if they cross that distance I say go for it,beat the crap out of them.

  3. I have to laugh….HH say in a TV interview…he is only now beginning his incredible come back which will be better than before…LMAO…as he takes his geritol and his TWIN Wife….hands him his walking cane….HOGAN…GET A LIFE!

  4. how is that creepy? doesn't his daughter look like his ex-wife? lol, whats your point? obviously the hulkster liked girls a certain way before his daughter was born. what does he have to date blonde unicorns now? sounds like to me your the creepy one lol thinking like that lololol

  5. The Paparazzi are a bunch freaks, The bother people on purpose, they hope someone push, hit or break their equip. So they can press charges. The scum bags live for that crap. We should pass a privacy law and press charges against them, Then they idiots might leave people alone. Part of the Paparazzi training is "HOW TO BOTHER PEOPLE" Now that I think about it, The Paparazzi remind me of a Fly, they both eat shit and bother people.

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