Favre: Finally Finished

Brett Favre

After being inserted into a Packers game back in September of 1992, Favre has never been on a sideline without playing in a NFL game.

Eighteen years, 297 games and 507 TD’s later this feat came to an end.

Over the course of his career, Favre has been more than the quintessential QB. He holds every major QB record-good and bad- and has played through countless injuries.

As the last standing great QB’s of the 90’s, the end of his streak marks the end of an era.

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are my generation’s Brett Favre, Steve Young and John Elway.

The mantle has officially been passed.

So whats next for Favre? Will the Jenn Sterger incident continue to dominant sports news or will it fade away? Will Favre be a coach, or head home to live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi?

Who knows. Whether he slips into obscurity or remains a prominent figure in the sports world one thing is certain, we will never, ever witness another career like the ‘ol gun slinger’s.
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