Donald Sterling Is Not Only The Clippers’ Owner, He’s One Of Their Biggest Hecklers

Donald Sterling booing the Clippers

If there ever were a story about an owner heckling the players that he pays to play for his franchise, the story would definitely be about the Los Angeles Clippers, right? Well, that story does exist and it is about the Clippers and their not so legendary owner, Donald Sterling.

So apparently, Sterling sits courtside not to support the team that he’s invested money into, but to heckle them. And when I say “them”, I mostly mean Baron Davis.

It’s not uncommon to hear Los Angeles Clippers fans heckle Baron Davis(notes). Of late, however, the jeers directed at the team’s struggling point guard are coming from a far more surprising source: The man paying Davis, Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Sterling has expressed his displeasure about Davis’ play by taunting him from his courtside seat at Clippers’ home games, several sources told Yahoo! Sports. Among Sterling’s verbal barbs:

– “Why are you in the game?”
– “Why did you take that shot?”
– “You’re out of shape!”

You really can’t make this stuff up.

“There’s nothing I can say,” Davis said of Sterling’s taunts. “I have no comment on that. You just get to this point where it’s a fight every day. It’s a fight. You’re fighting unnecessary battles. I’m fighting unnecessary battles.

“It’s frustrating because I know and my teammates know I’m capable of getting it done, even dudes on the other team. It’s frustrating.”

Sterling had little comment when asked about his behavior.

Sources said Sterling is upset with Davis for not living up to the five-year, $65 million contract he signed with the Clippers in the summer of 2008. Clippers center Chris Kaman(notes) and former Clippers Bobby Brown(notes) and Mardy Collins(notes) have also been berated by Sterling during games, a source said. The players typically heard Sterling during free throws or when they were within earshot during a stoppage in play.

Sterling “started getting a lot more vocal during the second half of last season,” one team source said. “He never had done that before at games. Baron’s his pet project. He absolutely hates Baron. He wants to get his money back.”

And that is all you need to know as to why the Clippers suck year in and year out.

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  1. With the Clippers, real life is funnier than anything you could make up. I'm sure being heckled by the owner helps Davis play better too.

  2. i feel bad for both the players and especially davis. i mean how bad is the situation when the owner is heckling you. you can tell that baron davis is affected if you look at the comment. this does not seem to be helping them at all

  3. I feel no pity for Baron Davis in this situation.
    This Clipper team is loaded with talent. A solid center, Superstar foward in the making, and a two guard with tons of talent & upside.
    This team should not be underachieving so badly. Right now he is the weak link, even if the owner is an a-hole.
    As far as the owner…it was a dumb contract. Everybody knew Baron's body was breaking down on him. How suprised can you be?

  4. I agree that Davis has been a bust, but the owner should be rooting for his players, not against them. How is Davis supposed to play better when a person who is supposed to be on his side is heckling him? It's one thing for road fans to heckle you. Its another when it's your boss. No wonder the Clippers suck. If there is an owner worse than William Clay Ford, Sterling's your man. What a loser and waste of human life. And a racist.

  5. I've been a Clip fan for several years BUT NOT a fan of Sterling, the worst owner in sports hands down. Players have come and gone, coaches have come on gone and they finally cut Elgin Baylor loose a couple of years back…the reason the team is futile year after year is Sterlings ownership. Please sell the team, relocate to Anaheim and start fresh. Its rough being a Clipper fan, rough I tells hya.

  6. Why don't any Clipper fans heckle Sterling? Seriously, they were voted worst franchise ever, and he ripping Davis for lack of effort?

    What's really sad here, is that the NBA is thinking about contracting, starting with the Hornets. That's really sad considering that the Hornets franchise is at least trying to win.

  7. I don't understand why anyone would root for the Clippers with an owner like that. His record has shown that he doesn't care about winning. Why would anyone contribute their hard earned cash towards a franchise that flat out doesn't care about it's fans?

  8. Here is an idea, being that the NBA just bought out Shinn. Why don't they buy out Sterling? He's POed that he spent a bunch of money on Davis, and Davis isn't producing. Well, Clipper fans spend a lot of money on the Clippers, and they historically don't produce.

  9. Anyone who signs with a LA team not called Lakers deserves every bit of abuse. Baron was better off in Oakland.

  10. Not saying that Sterling is a good owner, but he never had anyone good to pay so he never payed them (Lamar wasn't worth 80+ million, nor was Brand). When he finally thought he got a good free agent in Baron he actually payed him, and in return he got a lazy, injured, uninspired player. I would heckle Baron. I would also heckle Kaman, Collins and Brown.

  11. Donald Sterling, is exactly that, Donald Sterling. He has never cared about winning, he only cares about making a buck. I'm surprised he still owns the Clippers. They sucked in San Diego and they suck in Los Angeles. Donald is simply the worst owner in sports history. Bill Bidwell, in Arizona, is second, in that category.(Sorry, I just had to throw that in) I can only surmise that inspite of Sterling's best efforts, the Clippers must still make money. Have they ever had a winning season? I'm sure they did with Larry Brown, but those seasons must be few and far between. Simply put, the Clippers will never win anything as long as Donald is at the helm.

  12. What a douchebag! Seriously, this guy is obviously one of those people that is so used to getting everything he wants that he develops a sense of entitlement, and when something doesn't go his way he kicks and screams like a little baby, and points the finger at someone else.
    This guy is supposed to be a professional and he is acting like that. He should be embarrassed of himself, but you can tell he won't be.

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