Derek Jeter Didn’t Like The Fact That His Outrageous Contract Demands Became Public

Derek Jeter and Elmo

You know how I feel about this, so need to even head done that road again. The road we will travel though is the one where Derek Jeter becomes angry because he never wanted all of us to know that he was asking the Yankees to severely overpay him.

TAMPA – Derek Jeter had 51 million reasons to be happy Tuesday as the Yankees officially announced his new deal

But an unusually candid Jeter went public with his anger and disappointment at how the Bombers’ front office had depicted him during the contentious negotiations.

Jeter, who signed a three-year deal with a player option that will pay him between $51 million and $65 million, said he was upset with the public nature of the talks, though it was the Yankees’ challenge for him to test the market that seemed to irritate him the most.

Yep, this road should make me dislike Jeter even more.

“I was angry about it because I was the one that said I didn’t want to do it, that I wasn’t going to do it,” Jeter said. “To hear the organization tell me to go shop it when I just told you I wasn’t going to . . . if I’m going to be honest with you, I was angry about it.

“I had never planned on going anywhere,” Jeter continued. “I didn’t want to talk to any other teams and I didn’t want to hear from any other teams. This is the only team I ever wanted to play for.”

So basically you knew you couldn’t get the money you were asking for from some other club, but you THOUGHT the Yankees’ blind love for you would make them give it to you? Got it.

Jeter said he was also bothered by the back-and-forth between the Yankees and his agent, Casey Close, as the shortstop had expected the talks to stay out of the media.

“I never thought it would be public,” Jeter said. “It was my understanding that it was going to be private. I can’t tell you I ever thought it was going to go this way.”

Oh, so you wanted to just secretly screw the Yankees? Got it.

Anything else you wanna add, Derek?

“I never wanted to be a free agent; I was pretty vocal about where I wanted to be from the first or second day of spring training,” Jeter said. “That never changed, so I guess you could say I’m glad it’s over.”

I bet you are.

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