Can You Guess Who Was The Only SEC Coach Not To Vote Auburn #1 In The Final Coaches Poll?

Urban Meyer

Nope, it wasn’t Nick Saban, but I can see why you thought it was him.

Nope, it wasn’t Bobby Petrino.

And nope, it wasn’t Steve Spurrier. And that’s even after the Tigers spanked them on national television.

It was none other that Urban Meyer. Why am I not surprised?

Urban Meyer served up a big, fat, juicy grape Sunday. The Florida coach was the only SEC coach that didn’t vote Auburn No. 1 in the final USA Today poll.

The other SEC coaches with votes all put Auburn at the top of their ballots. It didn’t matter that Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Bobby Petrino, Mark Richt and Dan Mullen all lost to the Tigers this season. Spurrier was 0-2 against them. It didn’t matter that Mullen lost Newton to Auburn in recruiting him a year ago.

Those guys recognized that Auburn went 13-0 against by far the toughest schedule of the three unbeaten teams, the others being Oregon and TCU.

What is Urban Meyer’s problem? (Birmingham News)

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  1. GodsLuv2Me says:

    He's a (or was….LOL) GAY-tor. Nothing more to say!! One more thing before I go….tastes like chicken!
    Game over

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