Words That Were Once Music To Tiger Woods’ Ears Are Now Considered Heckling

Think back to a time not to long ago when Tiger Woods was on top of the golf world (and on top of many women). Back then was a glorious time for all. We got to see the man dominate the game of golf and he got to enjoy all the fruits of his labor.

Welp, things have certainly changed. Tiger can’t even win a tournament anymore and words that he couldn’t wait to hear from the opposite sex back in the day are now seen as heckling.

Two young ladies attending the Australian Masters can attest to this.

Two young women, dressed in white tops, skirts and sun visors with their mobile phone numbers on them, caught his attention when he walked from the 15th tee, the sixth hole for the American.

”Call me Tiger!,” one of the girls said, within earshot of Woods.

The other woman followed with ”Meet me outside Crown!”

Woods did not seem overly pleased with the attention.

Sigh. Bring us back our old Tiger.

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  1. Craig Vickers says:

    Really this is news? How long are you going to keep at this beaten up overdone story? Who cares anymore? Iread sports collums to find out about athletes stats and accomplishments.Who is playing where and who is playing well and so on. I couldn’t care less about Tiger or anyone else’s PERSONEL LIFE who they sleep with or who has a sex tape. I like Tiger because he is an awesome golfer. Couldn’t care less about this other crap. You don’t comment on Joe Blow for cheating or stealing or how “Joe” does his job. Every walk of life professional or not has cheaters liars and thieves and yet you still insist on an old story. Who gives you the right to comment on personel lives. Is yours that boring and un interresting?

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