What We Learned: College Football’s Week 13

Chris Petersen

We may have seen the last of Chris Petersen at Boise State.

After Boise State was upset by Nevada in overtime Friday, I wonder if this will be the last season Chris Petersen coaches at Boise State. He has taken Boise State to highs that they will not see again. The media is already against them, so they won’t be ranked as high anymore. The other thing worth mentioning is that Boise State opens the season against a loaded Georgia team next year so this would be a good time for Petersen to get out of there.

Arkansas deserves a BCS spot.

After handling LSU on Saturday, the Razorbacks proved that they are the second best team in the SEC and should get the Sugar Bowl spot assuming Auburn wins the SEC Championship game. You have to tip your hat to Bobby Petrino because I didn’t think he would make Arkansas a winner, but he showed he can.

Da “U” is serious about football.

I was very disappointed about Randy Shannon getting fired Saturday but it wasn’t because he was a good coach. I was disappointed because I knew FSU would dominate Miami for years to come with him there and AD Kirby Hocutt knew that too. Miami fielded a BCS caliber team this season and to go 7-5 with a loss to South Florida and Virginia, Shannon needed to get the boot. Just wished they waited one more year.

Texas and Florida have a lot to workout this offseason.

After Texas A&M edged out Texas Thursday night and stopped them for going to a bowl game, Mack Brown has to fix a myriad of problems and it starts with defense. The Longhorns brought back a lot of guys on defense from last season and they underachieved. Not to mention that people are not as high as they were for DC Will Muschamp anymore.

For Florida they have an identity crisis because they don’t know what they want to be on offense. After getting blasted by FSU by 24, Florida fans are heated and they want changes. I have heard some Florida fans say if Urban Meyer doesn’t make changes he needs to be gone. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s going to interesting in Austin and Gainesville this offseason.

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