What We Learned: College Football’s Week 11

Oklahoma State is legit.

This past week, I picked Texas to upset Oklahoma in grand fashion. Not only was I wrong, but the Cowboys destroyed Texas in Austin. You have to give Mike Gundy credit, his team has flown under the radar this season but not anymore. The Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game just got bigger with the Big 12 South on the line.

Utah was overrated from the start.

We all thought we could add Utah’s name with the BCS busters like Boise State and TCU. But after TCU dismantled them and then getting waxed by a Notre Dame team that doesn’t have their starting QB, RB, TE or DT, they are nothing more than overrated. Honestly they don’t belong in the top 25 right now.

South Carolina makes history.

The Gamecocks were 1 of 3 teams that had never won the SEC East. That all changed Saturday night as Steve Spurrier beat his beloved Florida Gators with a dominating running game. If I was Auburn, I would be very nervous about the SEC Championship game because the Gamecocks took them down to the wire in a 24-17 win. Since we are talking about Auburn….

Nick Fairley is one nasty dude.

I don’t know what Aaron Murray did to Fairley, but the way he was hitting him was just vicious. It got to the point where the Georgia coaches called a running play straight at Fairley so they could get some cheap shots on him. Fairley better cool it next week because the refs in Tuscaloosa will throw him out without hesitation.

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