Titans, Randy Moss Is Not Your Savior

The Tennessee Titans players seem to be extremely content with their pick up of WR Randy Moss.

At 5-3, the Titans are second in the AFC South, behind Indy, but has the 24th ranked passing offense in the NFL.

Moss is expected to improve that stat and relieve some of the congestion that clogs the running lanes for RB Chris Johnson.

Though Moss is already one of the greatest WR of all-time, he has a tendency to be a cancerous figure in the locker room.

His antics and outspoken nature had been muzzled for most of his tenure in New England, but in the 2010 season he got out of line and was subsequently, swiftly, shipped out of town.

After landing back in Minnesota, he was a model citizen until he traveled back to Foxborough. He got nostalgic after the game, shared many man hugs with his former teammates and coaches and gave a heart felt speech during the post game press conference proclaiming his love for the team.

Oh, and lets not forget he trashed the media and announced his unusual stance on interviews for the remainder of the 2010 season. He was cut the next day.

Now he’s Jeff Fisher’s problem. He still has a little left in the tank, but his 15 TD’s a season days are over. Is he worth the risk?

Bo Scaife sure thinks he is. When asked, in an interview, what he thought when he heard Moss was heading to Tennessee. His response, and I quote, “Thank you Jesus.” Maybe Bo should wait before he counts his blessings. Time will tell if this was a gift or a temporary curse.
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