Of Course Cleveland Responded To LeBron James’ New Nike Ad

LeBron James Rise commercial

By now, you should be aware that folks in Cleveland will respond to anything that LeBron does for the rest of his life. If LeBron takes a crap, someone in Cleveland will say the crap wasn’t good enough. And when LeBron passes away, someone in Cleveland will say he quit on life. So when LeBron’s new Nike ad hit the airwaves, we all knew it was a matter of time before Cleveland responded.

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  1. LMAO! Don't care about you know who but I luv this commerical so much better than Nikes!! rotf rotf rotf….in ur face you know who and Nikes..im buying Adidas!!!

  2. Man this is like crazy!!!!!!! Nike…….. I'm done!!! You support quitters.!!!!!!!!!! I would rather penny loafers on the baskettball court!!!! If anyone has a problem with that!!! My number is 501-554-1074.!!!! The name is Bobby!! Ko…..be, Ko…….be!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My God. Get over it. OK Yes we all know Lebron should have done everything differently, but Jesus it's been 4 MONTHS now. No wonder LeBron didn't want to play for Cleveland anymore. With fans like them, who needs enemies.

  4. I am done with nikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!if they are going to present looser good for then
    now we have to buy adidas

  5. I am done with Nikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!if they are going to present looser good for then
    now we have to buy Adidas

  6. For the confused person who used God, Jesus, and 'The Quitter' all in the same thought process, here's a little insight for you… ethics, morals, values, & integrity ALL go together with LOYALTY. Do you know what any of these words mean?? Or are you as clueless as lebron himself?? Seriously!! CLEVELAND DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT where he plays!!! It's NOT what he did, it's HOW he did it, STUPID!! No one, including yourself I'm sure has ever kept a REAL job by giving a false resume!! If being a loyal Cleveland fan is being an enemy to 'the state of lebron' then so be it! IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!! GO CAVS!!

  7. Yeah Nike should make good shoes not commercials. They should repair their shoe image not somebody's ego. Shoes compared to Adidas is bad, the soles comeup faster and expires faster. Its a fact! Talk to a lot of users and see what they think.

  8. be honest its A good thing he did what he did.. b/c i doubt half OF the Cavs he brought to the games werent around before he came…. since all these fans are talking about loyalty.. hahaa.. thts y in the 02' season and prior all the ticket sales were down.. suprised they didnt move the team like they did Seattle Supersonics… hell the best sidekick Cavs got for him is Mo WILLIAMS … THT WAS A JOKE AND KOBE GETS PAU GASOL ( TOP 2 ALL-AROUND BIG MEN IN THE GAME..) COME ON BE SERIOUS..

  9. to be honest its A good thing he did what he did… and left and went to Miami…. b/c i doubt half OF the Cavs fans he brought to the games to fill the arena werent around before he came…. since all these fans are talking about loyalty.. hahaa.. thts y in the 02' season and prior all the ticket sales were down huge….(did they ever sell-out…besides the all-star game).. dan gibson just wants yall money.. owners don't care they aint going to neighborhoods to help out every weekend.. when yall purchase a ticket they chillen.. drinkin on ur tab.. now tht Lebron is gone he probably had to return his G-5 PLANE.. B/C SALES ARE DWN… I'M suprised they didnt move the team like they did Seattle Supersonics… hell the best sidekick Cavs got for him is Mo WILLIAMS (A point guard that couldn't even avg 5 asst for them) … THT WAS A JOKE AND KOBE GETS PAU GASOL ( TOP 2 ALL-AROUND BIG MEN IN THE GAME..) COME ON BE SERIOUS… ?

  10. The curious one says:

    Get over it Cleveland… Let it go… You guys said what you wanted to say. DROP IT ALREADY… Just fix your team like you should have done to get a winner there. All you can do now is just root for your Cavs when they play the Heat. If you guys win… great rub it in his face… But if you lose… Shut up and drop it.. He will just us it as motivation to crap on you guys even more!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes…Cleveland you ROCK!!! I'm so glad someone did something about this egotists bullcrap!

    Nice touch on the upside down Nike logo.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love nike

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey guess what, the man has a dream of winning a championship and he went where he felt he could get it. Nike is Nike, they will produce and succeed without all you who say you are done with them. When the next big star comes out or they release something you all like you'll come crawling back like it was nothing. Jump off the band wagon!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Nike rocks.

  15. LeQuit started it with his stupid commercial and you guys want to hate on Cleveland for responding. Tell the crybaby to stop begging for attention and maybe the rest of us will leave the punk fake king (little k) alone. Now you guys GET OVER IT!!!! Also, be a man and stop hiding behind Anonymous..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so maybe the way Lebron did things was a bit rotten to Cleveland, but in the long run, the only one we have left at the end of the day to do what we dream of is ourselves, and that is what he is doing, trying to fulfill his dream. He obviously couldnt do it in Cleveland. So he went where he hopes he can, and I hope he can also. He is just a man, you people in Cleveland are the ones who put him up on the pedestal. Find someone else to glofify. Another post mentioned ticket sales before and after Lebron. That says it all right there, and now that he is gone, hmmmmmmm, what will become of all of those fans, gonna stay true to your team and support them the way you did when he was there, maybe a season or two, then that will get old.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Go LEBRON, I hope you win it all and stick it to all those self righteous people who probably would have done the same thing you did if they ever got the opportunity, doubt they will though.

  18. Anonymous says:

    HATERZ…he's a grown man, he can make choices for himself..who are we to feel he has to do what we want? dont be a HATER..be happy the man moved on from sorry ohio. get off his #$%& people..

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love nike

  20. Anonymous says:

    the heat are one injury away from bieng the crappiest team in the nba that ship is gonna sink lmao i am cleveland fan am glad lebron is gone he quit in playoffs we dont want a fool like that haha

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Best part was the end… I won't stop til I bring a championship to Cleveland. Guess we'll bring it from Miami when he visits Akron. lol. Watch what you say for affect, it can come back to haunt you.

  23. Anonymous says:

    7 years Cleveland! 7 years and the best Ferry could do is Mo Williams and Sideshow Bob? You people are pathetic! I can't wait until he wins his first title in Miami. LOL!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    cleveland fans suck….. and u should be mad at your owner for fireing the coach last year were was his loyalty… and look how fast he let him go took u guys to the finals…. u guys in cleveland all suck….—….

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is why Cleveland has never won anything and will never win anything!!!! idiots what star will want to come play bring his family to a bitter town like cleveland showing it true ignorant colors, just accept the fact lebron showed how smart he was by leaving that dead end team and fans Lebron brought more to that city and fans than they ever could imagine cleveland didnt make lebron, lebron made cleveland relivant, it sickins me im from Ohio and have to hear this crying from these pathetic fans get over it and get a life u will never win because thats all losers can do is lose, no fans or franchise in the history of sports makes themselve look more like idiots than cleveland, they deserve to lose and in a few week cleveland wont be talked about anymore unless they keep puttin this kinda of garbage out

  26. Anonymous says:

    don't fool yourselves people of cleveland, you all suck.

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    You people need to grow the hell up! If you do everything bc some athlete said to do it or you wear something bc an athlete endorsed it, then you've got issues! Get a friggin' life you moron!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lebron has skills,but his additude takes all that away. Cleveland should be happy as hell a poor sport like him left your town.You always got Bone Thugs,Right. Lebron is a cry baby in every since of the word. Walking off the court during the playoffs cause he didn't win. Oh poor baby, here's a tissue. I don't see the big deal. I HATE LEBRON. Anything making fun of him is good to me. I think it would be funny if the City of Cleveland OH truck with a wood chipper on the back and threw in the little puppet of Lebron. That would be awesome.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so when is this going to end? Maybe Lebron left because he knew the same owner which ripped him wasn't going to put a real team around him to win championships. Maybe Cav's fans should have gotten the clue when Lebron said he was worried about being 31, having bad knees and no titles. What would any of us had done? We would have all left for a chance to win, play with friends, and be successful. If you deny that, then you are a liar. He took less money than he could have gotten elsewhere to have a BETTER chance to win. Maybe the owner of the Cav's should have put the same effort and passion in to getting ANYBODY to come to Cleveland so Lebron would stay. Blame your owner Cav's fans. If you believe the crap he is selling that they will win a title before Lebron, then give me some of what you are all smoking cause it must be damn good. If the owner couldn't get anyone for Lebron, then he won't get anyone to play without him there. This was Cleveland's Michael Jordan moment and tbe owner could not have screwed up more. And by the way, why is the press on Lebron? He only did what all writer's criticize athletes for, and that is taking less money and going to play with other stars to win titles and be successful. Isn't that what Lebron did. Look, the decision was dumb I know, but he made a decision that I would make based on the pieces that WERE NOT in Cleveland to win. Come to grips everyone. It's the phone ringing for all the haters, and it's reality calling. Pick up the phone all. I'm not a Cav's or Lebron fan, but for goodness sakes people come to reality cause it's nice over here.

  31. Craftiestwolf says:

    Hey Miami, make some more room for the rest of our trash!

  32. Anonymous says:

    its a sport they play to get paid and win if you was him you would have did the same thing so let it go already if you r mad be mad at owner for not putting together team that had chance you say he quit in boston i say he was tired all those minutes with no help you go out an do that and see how you play you all can keep hating but it will not change anything so just grow up get over it and build a better team

  33. Anonymous says:

    Slave? "Please," Lebron is just a spoiled little mamas boy who never grew up with any Male influence to teach him how to be a man. He never learned any morals. He acted just like a child and threw a fit and quit instead of pushing through a bad situation. He is a liar and knows no loyalty. They should make all pro athletes attend college so they are not so ignorant.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This is the funniest thing i ever seen. U people r making yourselves look like the reason i would have left. He gave u his first five or six years in the league and your not happy. U went the whole off season without signing anyone after he damn near begged for help. U think because he from cleveland he owes u something, ha! I got some coffee brewing just for u cleveland folks, because its time to wake up and smell the jo burning. Cheers to the dead zone cleveland. Im laughing in my lebron voice. HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Please…Cleveland sucks with or without Lebron. He did what he had to do and all you Ohio idiots would do the same thing if given the chance

  36. Anonymous says:

    You think Lebro could have attended college? He has been coddled all through school and probably could not even pass a high school equivalence exam. He has people watching his back and when he does get out on his own he leaves his old lady and goes and messes with hoes in these bars with his boys. He's no role model for sure and Karma is a bitch.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hey, its been four months, and you tell Cavs' fans to get over it. Tell Lebron and Nike to get over it. We're only reacting to the ad. What are you concerned about? That we'll hurt Lebron's feelings? I'm done with defending Lebron, so feel free to take on that baggage. If you aggravated with us, why would you even watch the video? Misery loves company, I guess. We're just trying to have some fun. Lighten up and come to grips with your own life.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Golly gee whiz lamers leave Lebron alone. From the beginning of sports people have left teams, why is Lebron so different? Teams trade players all of the time. Where is their loyalty. Teams should not depend on one person. Team means many people working together. Please get a life people.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Get over it Cleveland…he left you for a valid reason! About time someone grew some balls and acted upon themselves. I say good ridance! Lebron made a great choice to leave that life-less team and venture out for bigger and better!

  40. Anonymous says:

    None of you people know this man, and just because a person does not go to college does not mean that the person is ignorant or an idiot. As for morals, you should look into your own life. Plus you do not need a father around to grow to be a good man. The school of life is a very good place to earn an education.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me! Lebron has worked harder to become the excellent athelete that he is at 20 something, than most of you knuckleheads ever will in your lifetimes. So don't question his character. Try accoplishing something in your life that people like you will envy, LOL.

  42. To the people of Cleveland you should be kissing that mans ass for bringing you POSITIVE NATIONAL exposer for the last 7 years. You also should be thankful that you had an opportunity to get an economical boost from him being in that city. Like Noah said "who vacations in Cleveland" Bottom line is he didnt owe you anything. No wonder your city nickname is "the mistake by the lake" and it fits you better now more than ever!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Nike Rocks!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    You people don't get it. Lebron had every right to leave. No one in Cleveland denies that. He was loved and adored here. People and media handled him with kid gloves and ignored his faults. He ruled and he gave cleveland 7 years of awesome basketball. Instead of telling the Cavs and the fans the truth, that he did not think he could win a championship here, and thank them for there support. He screws the Cavs and fans, by waiting late into free agency to tell them so they can start making plans. At least Bosh had the decency to tell Toronto up front. "The Decision" obviously was a HUGE MISTAKE. Lebron made many promises he did not keep. People will give you slack as long as you are honest. So we have every right to be pissed off. By the way it may have been 4 months ago, but it has only been 5 games. It is Lebron, yes Lebron, he is the one who will not let it go. He has not stopped making comments, texts, and commerials about leaving. Cleveland fans are not the ones making comments, they are just responding to Lebron's. He just needs to shut up about his decision. But he and his boys keep shooting him in the foot with each and every comment.
    Also Miami fans don't even sellout every game. With those 3 on your team that is a crime.
    In the end Lebron will be as hated as Art Modell and John Elway are now and forever. There is nothing he can do to ever change that fact.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Dude better not be on injured reserve come Dec. 2nd!

  46. Anonymous says:

    He will be on Dec 3rd!

  47. Anonymous says:

    All of the Cleveland haters need to get a life. We're just having some fun. I can't believe you're having such a difficult time dealing with this harmless spoof. Spread your hate, jump to your grand conclusions, have fun judging others and keep holding yourself in higher regard to others. That's a recipe for a wonderful life I'm sure.

  48. Cleveland have pathetic fans and a owner. This is why Cleveland has never won anything and will never win anything. Stupid idiots what star will want to come play bring his family to a bitter town like cleveland showing it true ignorant colors, just accept the fact lebron showed how smart he was by leaving that dead end team and fans Lebron brought more to that city and fans than they ever could imagine cleveland didnt make lebron, lebron made Cleveland. This man is grown and can make any decision he want to. He do not need anyone premission to do anything he want to do with his life. All you haters, GET OVER IT AND GO TO HELL FOR LEBRON.

  49. Regularguy says:

    You know what i think is funny is all of the anonymous fans aka Miami fans making excuses for the tasteless way that the so called king has conducted himself first with the Decision and now this absurd nike commercial shame on him because you got what you wanted so quit talking about how the cleveland fans are so bad they have every right to feel the way they do and you would be acting the same way if the Queen would have got DWade to come to Cleveland I am not a Cleveland fan I am an NBA fan i think its about time to bring back the Chucks, short shorts and afros because the way some of these players portray themselves is sickening be humble

  50. Anonymous says:

    Wow, a bunch of bitter people from a 1 horse town, and that leg is broken. Who cares. Cleveland is what happens when you take the worst part of detroit, and put it in Ohio. Nobody cares about Cleveland. It's a crap town, full of losers, has-beens, and fat, ugly women who look like farm cattle. They were lucky to have what little spot light they did, and didn't deserve that. No Jim Carrey, you are NOT correct!!! Cleveland Sucks!!! Cleveland Sucks!!! Cleveland Sucks!!! Cleveland Sucks!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Cleveland fans are over Lebron. They have a higher ave attendance so far this season than with Lebron. For those who don't live in the Cleveland area, you have no idea how hard we are rooting for the Cavs. The problem is that James can't get over it. He keeps throwing this in our face with his nike ad and the decision. Plus his other quips and tweets. Other than Dec 2nd, the fans won't care that deeply about him unless there's more crap like the nike ad. Lebron's posse can't get the same access in Miami like they had in Cleveland and Lebron won't get his stay over days in NY, NO, LA, Chicago, etc. with Pat Riley like he did with Cleveland's management. That's already a problem with him. Eventually, his transgressions will ruin whatever legacy he believes will be his. Such a shame, he'll never be revered as he was before the decision. Lebron, just keep referring to yourself in the third person and keep elaborating on how much we are all fortunate to witness your talents. I used to be abhorred by ihatelebronjames.com. But, if you pay attention to the crap that comes out of Lebron's mouth, there's a lot to be said for this site.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Let's see, how can I post a comment that's has some shred of intelligence?? hmmm… I know, I'll just proclaim that Cleveland sucks and everyone associated with it. I feel smarterrrrr now.
    Freakin' knuckle draggers.
    To everyone who feels compelled to bash Cleveland fans – if you don't like us, then don't watch the video. The title of the article is "Cleveland responds to Lebron". Yet, you still watched it. Either you have no self control or your life is pathetic. Gee, what a self-serving act to tell others they are pathetic. Maybe I should try that more. Nope, just can't lower myself.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Okay, i don't beleive how he left was right. I don't care if it did go to a worthy cause, it wasn't right. But really Cleveland, you knew what you were getting. Just move on and show the king, you didn't need him to win a champtionship. The best dagger in LB's heart would be you win it all this year. That my friend would hurt him more than some silly commercial. You don't own a player, but you can make a player a god if you give him too much exposure.

  54. Anonymous says:

    The CAVS are so lucky he went away; a true blessing in disguise. Yeah, that's right. His ego and lack of team concept would have screwed up Byron Scott's new offensive system. Miami, you can have your MVP. We have a Coach of the Year who, as a player, won 3 championship rings. Scott forgot more about winning than the THE SPOILED ONE will ever know.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I think we all need to hear what David Letterman has to say on this matter…

  56. DietrichKaiser says:

    Bottom-line: Celtics 2011 Champions!

  57. Anonymous says:

    These LeQuotes are very telling…

  58. Anonymous says:

    Props to the Cleveland fans for responding to Lequeen's question, what should i do. Lequeen, you put yourself out there, take the bad pr along with the good. My personal opinion, he should shut the phuk up and play. Let your game speak for you.

    Tired of LBJ hype.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I used to like this hype whore until he got full of himself. If You remove the hype, you have, no low post game, no mid range jump shot, poor free throws, no defense, no killer instinct, and no leadership skills. Nobody proclaimed he is the king, he did. Well, the king has no clothes and i can see right through him.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Good for a laugh at least. Cannot say I really give 2 shits for the guy, talented as he is he quit on his team. Faggot already had his foot out the door, I feel bad for Cavs fans.

  61. Well Cleveland obviously didnt want LeBron there in the first place, they fired a great coach in Mike Brown, and didnt make an attempt to bring anybody there until it was too late. Good for LeBron, they are his talents and he can take them to South Beach or New York or the fucking Moon if he wants to. So suck it Cleveland, and when he leaves Miami they can be all pissed about it too.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Cleveland! $*&# the high paid arrogant atheletes! They'll eventually learn who signs the check. Loser Bron, you screwed up!

  63. Cleveland Sucks! says:


    They suck as baseball, they suck at football, they suck at basketball (even with LeBron because no matter how good a single player is, if there isn't any supporting characters than its your fault for the superstar leaving) and now apparently they suck at being "fans" and human beings.

    Don't forget, this is just a sport. Just because someone has more talent at it than 99% of people (especially in Cleveland and thats including the other pro athletes) doesn't mean they are forced to stay in a situation that is never going to amount to anything. LeBron choose the rings over the money that both the Cavs and the Knicks were going to throw at him. So its time Cleveland gets over it and realizes that CLEVELAND SUCKS!!

    Go Miami! Go Steelers!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Cry some more Cleveland. You all sound SO DANG BUTTHURT that he made the right choice. With all of you crybabys and crap sports teams reminds me to NEVER live in such a bad state as Ohio.

  65. Cavs won tonight. Heat loss to the damn hornets. The Hornets only have one all-star. Pat Riley is gonna have a heart attack if Chris Bosh has another 1 rebound game. LOL

  66. cleveland fans are so idiotic…all i can say is wow..its ur own fault for investing ur hearts and business and money into sports athletes..its all part of the business in the industry..and u take that risk on ur own terms..quit crying already..what a bunch of babys..whaaa!!!!!u win some u lose some..and u just lost hahaha

  67. I am so tired of all these so called Cleveland Fans, Lebron Haters! You all are cry babies Everyone of you that are crying probably never even bought a ticket and supported the team for real! Does any body tell you what to do with your life? Playing for Cleveland was like working a dead end Job? For those of you working one, you know his pain!!! Cleveland will never win a Title!! Nothing good ever stems from HATE! And you all HATE LEBRON so much! You curse yourselves(Cavaliers)! Good Luck Lebron….Cleveland Fans, Ask the Lord to heal your hearts from pain and bitterness! Hate is the root of all evil..Lebron is a man…to be treated as such…you made him your false idol

  68. I am from Akron, OH. I played at LeBron's rival high school. We even lived on the same street, although not at the same time. I've been a Cavs fan my whole life. Cavs fans: It's time to get over it. LeBron is a good guy. He doesn't drink, do drugs, no domestic violence, which is more than we can say for many star athletes. ESPN made a big deal out of his decision, and he bought into it. People make mistakes. So what? He has the right to play where he wants. If anything, blame the ownership for not putting the proper pieces around him. Check your history; it takes at least two legitimate all-stars on a team to win an NBA championship. I don't blame him for not wanted to waste much of his career for the promises of ownership- like KG – who incidentally won a title once he left his team.

  69. What's this post I read about Cleveland fans are over LeBron!!! NOT!! I for one just moved away from Cleveland (after being there for a year and a half) and they are some of the most nasty, ignorant, unwelcoming kind of folks.. and they are two faced, if he would have won, they would have been teasing the world that they kept the superstar, but he made a choice and now you want to cry like beee-ottchessss because of that choice.. Cleveland needs to grow the heck up..

  70. Who can blame Lebron? Ohio is the armpit of America, who wouldn't want to leave? Look at their fans, they are classless bandwagon jumpers. Maybe Cleveland should try and support the Cavs all the time, not just when they have a superstar. Then maybe you could hang onto that superstar when you get him. Otherwise, quit being a bunch of cry babies and stfu.

  71. CLEVELAND GET OVER IT!!!!! Leave the poor guy alone!

  72. its really sad to see in writing Americans berating Cleveland (an american city). isnt it bad enough that people across the world hate us americans,so what do some chose to do? say nasty things about fellow americans! passions do run deep but its only about a basketball player, not like he is something that important in the stream of life.

  73. Anonymous says:

    What is really going on here? Lebron is a grown man and does not have to answer to cavs. He gave you the name that you have, he was there for you all for years and even through the struggles he stuck with it..the man wants a ring before he's too old to bounce a ball, tell me what star does not..you still have a skillful team..work with what you have, this relationship should be over..It obviously over with KING JAMES..he has moved on..Let HIM Go..You are trying to provoke him but IM pretty sure he's well aware of that nonsense..OH and as for you hating NIKe?..PLEase thats a lie.for all who dont buy miollions will..u love nike and LEbron..His awesome plays are still in your system..give him his props he will be missed..appreciate who you have and compliment them..Im sure they are all seeing what you will do to them if they left your team too..the cavs are all about the cavs..not he players..it doesnt matter how they feel as long as they sit on ya team and do what you say when you say it..any attitude of INDEPENDENCE..then they are losers,mamas boys, not loyal GET OVA yourself, dont think the rest of the CAVS team are not hearing you..they are listening too and the same will be for them…if they wanted to do the same..TELL America..how should he have left? WWYD…P.S. that commercial for NIKE.ROCKS!!!!! how about some loyalty from you all..confess your love for this man, confess how you will miss him, get some counseling, confess how broken your heart is and you wth your righteous self will be healed……

  74. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Cleveland fans still hating? Get over it already! Players switch teams all the time. Move on…

  75. Anonymous says:

    America's top 10 fastest shrinking cities #3. Cleveland * Percent decline since 2000: 9.5 * Population decline: 45,211 * Population 2009: 431,363 Lebron got out while he could, are you also mad at the other 45,211 people who chose to leave the craphole that it Cleveland? Who in their right mind wouldn't leave for the south given the chance. Friendlier people, warmer climate, and less liberals just to name a few reasons.

  76. Anonymous says:

    This is funny and fair … you go Cleveland.

  77. Anonymous says:

    hey all you cleveland (fans) bashers you should take along look in the mirror what if your town or state sports hero left like lebron did ,what if say jeter left ny and went to tampa or boston ,kobe left la and played for the knicks or even boston!!! how about crosby leaving pittsburgh for the flyers or new jersey,etc the fans of cleveland are just fustraded thats all ,they beleaved in him and they got their hearts ripped out, so back off or what some of you said stfu

  78. Anonymous says:

    Lebum is a Loser as an individual!

  79. Anonymous says:

    who cares….

  80. Anonymous says:

    Why should we get upset with a Man whom decided to play some where else and a Sneaker Company.
    yes, 4 months later, we still crying !! lets get over this Cleveland fans. Start Supporting your team with the young players coming up. This is Life.. America, remember Land of the Free.

  81. Anonymous says:


    Yea he promised you a Championship, but you did NOTHING to help him! Basketball is a TEAM sports, and just because you have one of the best players does not mean you will win!

    You put it all on his shoulders and then sent him out to win it for YOU!

    Your greed and ignorance pushed him away, and now all you can do is blame him, as usual.

    Maybe you should invest your time elswhere instead of crying about the past…….

  82. Anonymous says:

    please ! it is just a game with over paid athletes.
    Everyone should thing about helping each other in our down economy and not waste so much time and energy ,one some thing and someone not so important

  83. Anonymous says:

    Cleveland did not push LeLoser away! He thinks he is above everybody else including his team mates in Miami. Wait till he throws you under the bus. No one can meet Lebrons expectations because his ego is so inflated. Only one team can win a championship a season so to berate another team or city just because their team is not number one is stupid. It only takes one misstep and lebron will be gone and then what? Will you still support him? I don't think so. Lebron cares for Miami just as a paycheck. He has already shown he has no loyalty. Your just a number Miami, a stepping stool, that's all nothing more.

  84. ANONYMOUS says:

    I am so sick and tired of all the whining and hate! Get over it and get a life!! Lebron doesn't owe any of you a darned thing. You're calling him selfish, while not realising you're the selfish ones. Look at the poor example of love you all are displaying. You're teaching anyone and everyone, who would look to you as an example, that this is how you act when things don't go the way you want them to. Just hate, any and everbody, you feel failed you in some way. If Lebron had stayed and brought a championship to Cleveland, and then at some point died and went to hell, would you all be okay with that?? You need to put that same energy into more important things like soul winning and making sure your in right-standing with the only one(God) who has a heaven and a hell to put you in…

  85. Anonymous says:

    Take you blinders off people. Cleveland see's Lebron for what he really is now. We were blind but now we see.

  86. Anonymous says:

    The people of Ohio are some of the dumbest in America and deserve all that they get. First this is how you treat a guy that did all that he could for 7 yrs for that team and see and this is how he gets treated for leaving. Secondly, republicans consistantly support businesses that ship jobs out of your state and you put them back in office to represent you state after skrewing it up over the last 8 yrs! Your sorry ass state deserves everything bad that happens to it.

  87. Anonymous says:


  88. Anonymous says:

    You dumb asses talk about Cleveland hating Labron but what about all the shit spewing out of your mouths about OHIO? Been to Miami a million times, not the nicest of city's. Cubans seem to love it though.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Miami holds the distinction of being "the only major city in the United States conceived by a woman, Julia Tuttle,"[17] who was a local citrus grower and a wealthy Cleveland native.


  91. Anonymous says:

    Lebron said he was going to bring a championship to Clevend and he renigged on his promise. Why did he not fight to get Bosh to suit up maroon and yellow? Why did he not fight go out and recruit for HIS team. Jordan didn't leave his team after years of not winning a ring neither did Kobe. Clevand should turn their back and say nothing about James his so called legacy will play out like the sreroid era in baseball records. As a fake!!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Lebron had a lot more on that team last year than anyone wants to admit. Mo Williams (former allstar), Antawn Jamison (former allstar), Shaq (former allstar and MVP), Z (former allstar), etc. JJ Hickson is becoming a stud in his absence this year to boot.

    How many allstars or former allstars are on the Lakers? Kobe, Gasol, Artest. That's it.

    How ironic is it that to "apologize" for a drawn out free agency, culminating in a drawn out TV special, he takes out a long form commercial that does nothing but play for sympathy. What a egotistical tool. I'm glad he tweets now; his tweets usually reinforce his ignorance and general lack of class.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I've lived in Cleveland my whole life. This commercial doesn't represent me nor does it represent most of the people here. The people who made this video are the same whiners that were wearing the "Quitness" t-shirts. We got dumped guys. Get over it.

  94. OMG you Cleveland people, need to get ur own lives!! Stop trying to live your life through LaBron! Do you expect one man to live the perfect life that you never have, so that u can feel good imagining you are him!? Do you expect that the grumblings and mistakes of a 20 somthing year old millionare to wipe away a life time of miss steps mistakes misunderstandings, misappropriations and mis anthing else you want to fill in- that each and every one of us has accumulated albiet privatly in our own pitiful lives? Listen up Cleveland. STFU quit cryin' and attend to your own miserable lives. Quit lookin for the savior that will never come. Quit deflecting, sidesteping, ducking, sliping, shucking,and dodging your own effin reflection! LOOOK in the effin mirror. There you will find your enemy! Man up, Shut up, and Grow up!

  95. Anonymous says:

    This was possibly the greatest post ever!!!

    America's top 10 fastest shrinking cities #3. Cleveland * Percent decline since 2000: 9.5% * Population decline: 45,211 * Population 2009: 431,363 Lebron got out while he could, are you also mad at the other 45,211 people who chose to leave the craphole that it Cleveland? Who in their right mind wouldn't leave for the south given the chance. Friendlier people, warmer climate, and less liberals just to name a few reasons.

  96. Anonymous says:

    you people of Cleveland don't you know that Lebron has rights. The guy did break a contract nor he turned his back on you. He was a free agent and he chose to use it. What is wrong with you people. I did not know Lebron was a slave without rights. Al Sharpton was probably right to believe that some people of Cleveland especially the Cavalier's owner was acting like Lebron was his propriety. There is no going back. get ove it. People have rights.

  97. Anonymous says:

    I've lived in Cleveland my whole life. This commercial represents me and most people here. The people who made this video are are genius's We still are wearing those "QUITNESS" t-shirts. We got screwed. We'll never get over it.

  98. Amazing… A handful of people make a video, stick it on YouTube, and this now somehow represents the sentiment of the 5 million people who reside in Northeast Ohio? A newsflash to the national media: Most of us don't care.

    The fact that LeBron is a media whore has been well established for years. Backlash against it has been the norm throughout the entire country since it all began. It will continue with certain people from the Cleveland area now being willing participants. The people who need to "get over it" are the same idiots who seem to enjoy shoving LeBron and his minions down our throats every day.

  99. Anonymous says:

    I see the pictures and film of Jordan and his teammates. They look like skinny little kids compared to these players today. It's time for the asterick in basketball. These guys are on some kind of PED's.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Someone said KARMA.. Well Cleveland ..As you can see you IDIOTS will never EVER win any type of championship!! Modell left… he won one.. LeBron .. just left..not this year but next.. he will get his. Cleveland.. never!!

  101. Anonymous says:

    To the poster above, you have bad Karma by the way!

  102. Man get over it. How is he a loser when he played out his whole contract? Get it through your head on what "FREE AGENT" mean? You guys like a begging ex-girlfriend that no one wants.


  103. Did anyone call Moses Malone a loser when he went to team up with Dr. J and Cheeks? Charles Barkley a loser when he went chasing a ring with Houston, Suns, but one man stopped his chasing a ring and that was AIR JORDAN! That's why Barkley trying to diss Lebron because Lebron have a chance at a ring and Barkley didn't get his. Cleveland go somewhere and fall off map because you are about to "WITNESS" a killing on the court come December 5th. hahaha


  104. Anonymous says:

    What a waste, now he and Bosch are Dwaynes bitches they could never win one title for their team

  105. Anonymous says:

    Cleveland, why are your feelings hurting so bad? – oh is it that now you will become obsolete once again, as you were back pre- lebron James (the Cavs were never on national TV). Could it be that your pro sports teams have not won anything in 50 years, but Lebron got you closer than anyone since the fumble. Or is now that Dan Gilbert will see his franchise devalued now that LBJ is gone.

    Finally to all of you trash-talkers, LBJ is 6'9" 250 pounds – he would crush you – stop getting so personal.

    Get a life, cheer for you current team, hope the draft choices you got from the Decision put you back in the picture in 3 – 5 years and in the meantime watch the rings pile up in Miami – LOL!!

  106. Anonymous says:

    I feel bad for all those fans in Cleveland, but they gotta get over it. Yes, I feel your pain but it's been 4 months now so get over it, Cleveland! I'm a Pistons fan, and for those of you saying that Cleveland sucks, then go to Detroit! I bet you people are going to hate it there! I've been to cleve land before and it's a nice city compared to Detroit, and I guarantee you people that I've seen a lot worse than you people have. Why don't you people who are saying that Cleveland sucks get a life and go to Detroit or some other dangerous city for a change!

  107. Anonymous says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing Cleveland complain about Lebron leaving them. He gave 7 years of his career to this franchise. 7 years that he could have spent playing elsewhere. One player cannot do it all by himself and year after year the management of Cleveland continued to give Lebron mediocre talent to work with. Not one player, except Shaq last year, in the entire 7 years Lebron played with Cleveland was championship quality. Cleveland made countless mistakes at supporting perhaps the best player in the league. He gave his heart and soul to this franchise and they wasted it. I completely understand that the fans are upset. Lebron went to anther team in the same conference, blah blah blah. This is not a reason to be upset. There had been talk that Lebron was not staying with Cleveland for two years prior to him leaving. He had more weight on his shoulders than any other player in this league and it was time to leave. I wish that he would have left differently but a lot goes through a players mind when deciding to cut ties with a team. Lebron is not to blame for his departure though. Cleveland management is to blame. Quit crying and move on.

  108. Anonymous says:

    To all of those who tell Cleveland fans to get over this – Get this through your dense brain. I will type slowly so you can understand. This video is done in response to Lebron's ad. Four months after The Decision, this Rise ad makes it obvious that Lebron is not over it. And Nike just wants you to like him enough to buy his shoes. Why else would Nike quickly try to remove any video evidence of a college player dunking on Lebron in a summer camp pickup game?

    Of course, Cleveland will react. Anyone with any balls will react to an egomaniac who continues to thow his fragile ego out there for suckers like you to reaffirm for him.

    Big Z knows how great the Cleveland fans are. You don't. Check out how he outclasses Lebron…

    and, from,

    "..so Big Z’s courteous act really makes LeBron look all the worse..but big Z isn’t an egomaniac like the self proclaimed King.."

  109. Anonymous says:

    I find it troubling how many of you draw grand conclusions about a large city and its fans based upon a video done by a few people that is not original, its only a reaction to a video that has national exposure and done only to serve an egomaniac and a greedy corporation who wants to take your money.

    Many of you are bashing the whole city and its fans, with no regard for the welfare of those involved. You think you are better than others? You think your sh_it don't stink?

    Go ahead, exhault yourself. You will be humbled.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Lebron's actions will always be self-serving. And this nike ad is no different.

    Funny how many of you state that Cleveland is not over Lebron's departure. As Lebron continues to get booed at many, if not all, of the NBA cities, then you must draw the same conclusion for all of those cities.

    The fire began to simmer with the start of this season and the great support Cleveland has shown this year's Cavs. Lebron just fueled the fire with this commercial. The national disdain he will continue to endure will weigh heavily on his fragile ego.

    So, go ahead and praise his move. We'll see how this turns out.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe the comment about Lebron having to carry so much weight for Cleveland.

    Cleveland has lost the most weight of any team in the history of the NBA, and Miami just gained it – Lebron's ego.

    Don't think that Lebron played for Cleveland. Lebron only plays for Lebron. Up until The Decision Cleveland and Lebron had one thing in common – they both loved Lebron. Now only one of them does. After a few seasons of failing in the post season, Miami will figure this out.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Cleveland knows that Lebron has every right to leave. Of course there are others that have left teams for greener pastures. The difference is this pompous, self-centered, media whore keeps throwing his departure back in our face because his poor ego has taken a beating.

    Of course we're going to react to a self-serving ad like this. Of course we are looking to express ourself when he returns to Cleveland after the way he handled his "decision". But it doesn't mean that we haven't moved on.

    Instead of drawing such grand conclusions about a significant population based on a youtube video of a few people, get on with your own life. Or maybe you can't, since you're too involved judging others.

  113. who would wanna play for freakin cleveland?

  114. Anonymous says:

    If you are not a Clevelander then stop commenting about how you think we feel.

    Get this straight… Cleveland doesn't hate Lebron. Sure we were a little hurt by the King's action but the national media is just playing a broken record and really doesn't understand Clevelanders.

    Cleveland has a rich sport tradition in football, basketball anb baseball with pro franchises in each (Not true for many cities). Go Browns.

  115. Anonymous says:

    I like how people tell Cleveland fans to get over shit while Nike and LELOSER make videos like they have done! Keep throwing it back in our faces and we will keep reacting, simple.

  116. Anonymous says:

    Put a new tampon in Cleveland.

  117. Anonymous says:

    All thiese morons saying the owner could only give LeQuitter Mo Williams as a sidekick, I guess you didn't listen or want to listen to the so called experts saying Mo is going to take some of the scoring burden away from the quitter, and when they got Antwan Jamison they said it made them that much better and they were the favorites to win it all. Baing the favorite doesn't mena sh1t you have to play, which is what the quitter did not do, hence the side name (QUITTER). For the last 2-3 years Cleaveland was the favorite and now you come up with this stupidness saying he had no one around him. I bet you all agreed with the experst that they were the favorites, so shut the phuck up.

  118. Anonymous says:

    with the big three in miami there will be no more lakers jsut miami leave lebron alone you all suck

  119. Anonymous says:

    Bobby, no one wants to call you or talk to you on the phone. If you like the lakers then why are you even commenting on this, lebron isnt a quitter. you are all just hating because he made a better decision for himself that will better his chances of getting a ring!

  120. If you want to leave then go but at least have the courtesy to tell your team. If you want to win championships go ahead and try no one should fault you for that. If you want to play with your friends hey that's cool do it. If you want to have a legacy and be known as the best player in the game then you tough it out and carry your team to a title MJ anyone? How long before everyone joins a so called super team? I think in the long run he hurt his chances of winning a title. Just my 2 cents.

  121. All I want is for the egomaniac to shut the hell up already. He's the one that keeps bringing it up and getting the fans riled back up again. Cavs fans hate him and everyone knows what he did and especially how he did it sucked. He strung the team along to the deadline and then he publicly embarrassed his team, team mates, and pretty much the whole state – not just Cleveland. He just can't stand that he's not worshipped like he used to be. However, I'm sure the good people of Miami are more than happy to genuflect and adore him, so I have no doubt he'll get over it soon enough.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Magic and Kareem. Jordon and Pippen. Kobe and Shaq. Duncan and Robinson. Do you notice something two hall of fame player together to win multiple titles. Who was Lebrons partner to win. The Cavs didn't keep up there end of the deal and now there mad at Leborn for wanting to go somewhere (for less money) that he feels is going to work as hard as he does to win a title.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Less money my ass! Florida does not tax an individuals wage income. Lebron is not losing any money. I do thin he and Wade are secret lovers though!

  124. Anonymous says:

    he followed his dream and I bet over half of u pothetic, hatefull, ingrates were never fans of b ball or cavs untill lebron. He gave you seven loyal years and got nothing but publicity for it and he does not wnt publicity he wants rings. You should be happy for what he gave you and build an empire off of that. How many of u cavs fans who complain like little b's follow your dreams. no one would have ever even said the cavs name if it weren't for lebron… go nike n go lebronnnnn!!!! yeahhhh.

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