McNabb’s new $78M/5-year deal Has A Major Clause

Before the Washington Redskins were massacred at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles 59-28 on Monday night, Donovan McNabb and the Redskins agreed to a 5-year/78M deal, $40M guaranteed.

Surprising right. Just two weeks ago, McNabb was benched in the fourth quarter and replaced by Rex Grossman in the 25-37 loss to the Lions on Halloween.
So how does one go from being benched to receiving a massive deal within two weeks? Well, to be honest, I don’t know.

Though the $78M bucks is a headliner, McNabb’s actual compensation could be far less.

According to McNabb’s agent, Flecther Smith, the Redskins have an out clause. A clause that will allow the team to cut the 6-time ProBowler without paying him any more than the initial $3.5M he will receive from the deal by season’s end.

There is no doubt that Redskins new head coach, Mike Shanahan, is unhappy with McNabb’s work ethic and performance on the field. Don’t be surprised if you see McNabb in another uniform next season. This deal is simply a means to an end.

‘Skin have an out clause in McNabb deal(

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