In The Wake Of Bruce Pearl’s Suspension, Brandy Pearl Takes To Facebook To Compare Her Husband To Jesus

Last Friday, the SEC announced that they had decided to suspend Tennessee Volunteers coach Bruce Pearl for the first eight conference games due to NCAA violations.

A mere two days later, Pearl’s wife, Brandy Pearl took to her to Facebook account to show her support for her husband. And, um, compare his to Jesus.

Yep, that is all that is needed to say about that.

Via Kentucky Sports Radio

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  1. You've got to be kidding me? So Bruce lies and cheats and… help me out here? How is this dude anything like Jesus? Outragous!

  2. Jesus? The coach committed violations.

  3. Give me a break…!

    The two Jewish men who she is referring to are Bruce Pearl and Bernie Madoff…..!

    Fitting comparison.

  4. Wise words? These people are agreeing because they want tickets behind the bench. Bruce Pearl is no Jesus Christ. He is nothing but a basketball coach who cheated. How does that glorify him at all?

  5. this could happen ONLY IN THE SOUTH.

  6. Jesus was without sin when he was crucified. I believe Pearl is more like the 2 theives that were crucifed next to Christ . The NCAA has not had their say yet. If she thinks he has been crucified now…

  7. Joe-Michael says:

    What Tard wrote only in the south?? What an idiot. What in the hell does that have to do with the south?? But he is here, we are winning, and will keep winning. All is well ONLY IN THE SOUTH.

  8. yeah he was all self righeous when he claimed illinois was cheating back in the 80's

  9. Mike Booth says:

    What is JUST as surprising are the comments people wrote in reaction to the post. People accuse KY fans of being blind zealots but TN fans just raised the bar!

  10. Brandy, go play with your ipod and text your BFF's. No business even speaking publicly, unless it's about the latest tween fashion trends at Delia's or Aeropostale.

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