The Glory Lines: Rockies Sign Troy Tulowitzki, Josh McDaniels May Be Back In 2011, & Frank Gore Is Out For The Season

Rogue turkey invades soccer pitch

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It’s official … turkeys hate soccer (Out of Bounds)

Rockies sign Tulowitzki to seven-year, $134-million extension (Denver Post)

49ers’ Frank Gore reportedly out for the season (San Francisco Chronicle)

Josh McDaniels Will Return in 2011, Broncos Owner Says (FanHouse)

Magic’s ears perked to make trades (Orlando Sentinel)

Boozer close to rejoining Bulls’ lineup (Chicago Tribune)

Relationship between LeBron and coach gets chillier, not chill (Ball Don’t Lie)

A Redskins fan and a Vikings fan brawl it out

Don’t do ‘em like that, Russell Westbrook

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