The Glory Lines: Devon James Admits Tiger Sex Tape Is Fake, Les Miles Eats Grass, & Joe Namath Is Not A Donovan McNabb Fan

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Once Upon A Time, Andy Reid Was A Large Punt, Pass, And Kick Competitor (SB Nation)

Jerry Jones: ‘I think everybody in this country would agree there’s a lot wrong with this team’ (Dallas Morning News)

Al Harris says he’ll be released (ESPN Milwaukee)

Sigh of relief for Tiger Woods: Porn star Devon James admits supposed sex tape with golfer is fake (NY Daily News)

Joe Namath is not a McNabb fan (USA Today)

Soccer coach suspended for not bringing full squad to tournament (Out of Bounds)

Weird but true: Murder suspect arrested in VIP section during Bobcats-Magic game (Pro Basketball Talk)

Les Miles. Eating grass.

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