Former Teammates Are Here To Pile On Donovan McNabb

Though we’ve completely ignored it, Mike Shanahan benching Donovan McNabb during Sunday’s game has turned into the talk of the league. So since it has become such a big deal, everyone is giving their opinion about it. Some back McNabb and some back Shanahan. And some are here to just pile on McNabb. Terrell Owens and Freddie Mitchell are of the latter.

We’ll let Mitchell have the floor first.

“I respect both Coach Reid and Coach Shanahan — they have two total different coaching theories,” Mitchell said. “I can only wonder what would have happened in the Super Bowl if Reid stepped up and said, ‘You know what? You’re playing like [expletive], you’re benched.’ I don’t know many coaches that have the balls to do that. He was playing like [expletive] and he should have been benched. … And don’t say he doesn’t have a record of this; he did the same thing in every single championship game.”

And now, let’s hear from T.O.

Owens also referenced McNabb’s shortcomings in the Super Bowl on The T.Ocho Show Tuesday night.

“Well, I don’t really want to start anything, but I did play in the Super Bowl and there were rumors where he couldn’t get our two-minute offense going at the end of the game. I’m just saying,” said Owens.

It seems that McNabb’s glowing reputation is slowly diminishing, but these two don’t exactly have glowing reputations either.

Sure, McNabb seems to have trouble in big spots, but in Andy Reid’s defense, was he really going to go with Koy Detmer in the Super Bowl? Um no.

And unless Shanahan is looking to get his team in the race for the #1 pick, he better keep Rex Grossman as far away from the field as he possibly can.

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  1. I have always liked and respected Shanahan….until now. If his reasoning for benching McNabb was truly related to health (hamstring injury recovery) and lack of cardio endurance due to an injury, why not say that at the very beginning? Why lie and then days later him and his son start 'sharing' the truth with everyone? The man played the entire game and is benched in the last 1:40 minutes for endurance reason? BS Shanahan…bs. He's the coach and can bench whomever he wants, just be real about it, be a man. Freddie Mitchell said McNabb played like a bitch…and Coach Shanahan made a real bitch move, him and his son.

  2. Shanahan has the right to bench anyone he wants, he's the coach. And he can give any reason he likes, again because he's the coach. You people are turning sports into a Soap Opera.

  3. beagamer is right. Shanahan does have the right to bench anyone he wants. He also has the right to look like an idiot doing so.

  4. @beagamer: I thought that is what I said, quote "He's the coach and can bench whomever he wants" end quote. My problem is: If the NFL makes it mandatory for coaches and players to give post game interviews to the media and fine them if they decide not to talk, then either be real when you open your mouth or take the fine!

  5. Los Brown says:

    Of course a coach has the right to bench any player whenever he pleases, but doing so to a player of McNabb's caliber to bring in Rex Grossman is unwise on all levels. Shannhan was just attempting to prove a point by flexing his coaching muscle.

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