Does Harrison Have An Recurring Payment Account With The NFL?

Steelers LB James Harrison James was fined $20K by Commissioner after another illegal hit. This time the victim was New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees.

This is Harrison’s third fine this season for illegal hits. The total paid due to fines now sit at $100K.

“The amount of money is becoming an issue for me,” replied Harrison when asked about the fines on Thursday.

Prior to the current fine, a hard hitting Week 6 urged the NFL to place more emphasis on head-to-head hits; DB’s Brandon Meriweather and Dunta Robinson both received $50K fines while Harrison was hit for $75K.

A suggestion for Harrison. Set aside or have your accountant reserve an extra $250K a season for illegal hits. Apparently, formed, legal tackling that does not involve leading with the head is not an option for you.

Harrison fined $20K for hit on Brees (FOX Sports)

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