And Here’s Your Behind The Scenes Look Into The World Series Riots Celebrations In San Francisco

Last night, the San Francisco Giants wrapped up their first World Series title in 50 years. That allowed Giants fans to be able to celebrate their first World Series title in 50 years. One would think that with such a long time in between championships, the fans in San Francisco would be a little rusty. Well last night, they proved that they aren’t and they can celebrate with the best of em.

Here’s a little taste:

Around 10 p.m., a crowd that had taken over the intersection of 3rd and King streets had started multiple fires, but those were extinguished soon afterward.

An hour later, at the intersection of Mission and 22nd streets that had been taken over by dozens of fans, a large fire had been started. Later, a car attempted to drive through the crowd was stopped, and the vehicle and its passengers were attacked.

Near 11:30 p.m., thieves attempted to rob the Dugout, a sports merchandiser and broke its windows.

What’s that you say? It would be better if you had footage to watch? Well, it’s just your lucky day because you do.

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