The Speculation Of How Much Money Brett Favre Stands To Lose For Showing Off His Lil Fella To Jenn Sterger Has Begun

Whenever a scandal like the one Brett Favre is currently trapped in happens, people try to create talking points from its many angles. So since we all know about the harassment, marriage, suspension, and male enhancement angles, it’s finally time for the speculation of just how much money will Brett Favre lose because of this scandal. If indeed, that is Brett Favre’s lil fella.

All told, the next few days and weeks will go a long ways in determining the future earnings stream for Mr. Favre. Many that have respected Favre for his longevity, grit, energy and pigskin greatness hope like heck that these stories are false and exaggerated.

Of course, we said that after Tiger’s car crash and Ben’s birthday party. How did those stories turn out?

If Favre’s story ends the same way, he’ll forgo at least $10 million annually in lost earnings – or if we assume a 10-year post-retirement career as an endorser, speaker, and studio analyst, this amounts to potentially $100 million in lost earnings.

And that’s one picture worth just a single word.


Favre’s photo folly may cost him $100 Million (Yahoo! Sports)

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