Shaun Smith’s Fine For Grabbing Another Man’s Nuts Has Been Rescinded

While the NFL is busy fining its players insane amounts for just playing football and flipping birds, Shaun Smith won’t have to pay a thing for his illegal use of the hands.

After an appeal, the NFL rescinded the $10,000 fine it levied on defensive lineman Shaun Smith for allegedly grabbing the groin area of a San Francisco 49ers player during a game last month.
Smith received a letter from Art Shell, the NFL’s appeal officer, saying video of the incident didn’t show conclusively that Smith grabbed the player, Anthony Davis, in the groin area.

It doesn’t take a nut grabbing expert to see that Smith definitely had his hand in a place it had no business. But since there are always two sides of a story, I guess we should let Smith explain.

“I fought the case, and I’m happy,” Smith said. “But (it doesn’t erase) all the bashing of my name and all that stuff. I have kids and my kids looked at it.

“I was just happy to get it resolved. It was hanging over my head since week three, and now it’s not. People accuse you of stuff all the time. Stuff like this happens all the time. That’s why you have the appeal process to go through, to get everything the right way.”

Whatever Shaun. But as for the kids, they have to live with that fact that their father grabs nuts for a living. Poor kids. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

NFL drops Shaun Smith’s fine (KC Star)

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