Roy Williams’ Latest Ridiculous Statement Is That Jon Kitna Is Just As Good As Tony Romo

Now, I’m all for saying things that rally the troops. I get that. But Cowboys receiver Roy Williams continues to take it too far. First he actually spoke out loud that the Cowboys could end up 12-4, and now he decided that he should let the world know that Jon Kitna is just as good as Tony Romo.

Hold up. I don’t think you took that in. The man said that Jon Kitna is just as good as Tony Romo!

Ok, we have two choices here:

1) We could completely tear down Williams’ statement by pointing out that Jon Kitna is a backup for a reason, and most importantly, it’s Jon Kitna!

2) We could just let Williams, once again, make an a#% out of himself.

You already know which options we’re choosing.

“Tony is our starter, but Jon is just as good,” said Williams, who enjoyed the best season of his professional career when Kitna started in Detroit. “We are going to work this week in practice so we can get the timing down with the receivers. But I have complete faith in him. I have played with him for three years and I know how good he is.”

What can Cowboys fans expect from Kitna?

“He will put the ball where it needs to be,” Williams said. “Is he going to be perfect? Of course not. There isn’t a quarterback in this league that is perfect. He is going to make mistakes but we have to help him.”

So let’s debunk Roy’s logic here, shall we?

Roy’s belief that Kitna is just as good as Tony Romo all stems from him having his best year(s) when the two were paired to together. But what Roy hasn’t taken into account is that he himself isn’t as good as he once was (which wasn’t very good at all) and Kitna hasn’t consistently thrown a football in ages.

So as you all know, this won’t end will.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kitna is a perfectly capable NFL starter. Always has been. He can be a difference maker at times, but isn't and never was a superstar type QB. Look what happened in Cincinnati when after holding Palmer off for two years, management pulled him in favor of Palmer. The team nearly revolted against management for pulling 'their' QB.

    Kitna has never been the reason a team played poorly. Lack of talent around him (Seattle, Cinci D, Detroit) is what led to his ouster.

    The article bagging on Williams for saying Kitna is a good QB looks like some moron's personal blog.

    He's not a miracle worker, but he's been a very capable starter over the years, and he'll serve Dallas well the rest of this season.

  2. Not bagging on Williams for saying Kitna is a good QB, bagging on him because he thinks he's as good as Romo.

    Thought I was clear on that point. Well actually, I was clear. Guess you just missed that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    well, I'm not sure how good Romo was this season. I Think a change in this case might be OK.
    What do they have to loose now. everyone expects them to loose. I Think Kitna will be just fine.

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