On Friday, You Can See Diana Taurasi (Almost) Naked In ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue

Diana Taurasi

I’m not sure if you’ve had a long standing wish to see Phoenix Mercury star, Diana Taurasi (almost) naked, but if that sounds like something you interested in, Friday is your lucky day. Because that is the day (officially) when ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue hits newsstands. And from the looks of it, those of you who thought you weren’t interested in seeing Diana Taurasi (almost) naked will quickly realize that you are indeed interested in seeing Diana Taurasi (almost) naked.

Her agent certainly realizes it.

Her agent, Lindsay Kagawa of Wasserman Media Group, believes Taurasi’s appearance in the risqué issue will change how people look at her. And hopefully lead to more endorsement opportunities.
“Diana’s feature in the magazine will expand people’s perceptions of her — and that was our aim. Every woman is multi-dimensional and Diana’s strength isn’t constrained to her undeniable athletic resume. Her photos are fearless and beautiful and the shoot was a challenge that she embraced,” Kagawa says in a statement.

If I may, I’ll go ahead and say what we’re all thinking:
Mission accomplished.

Diana Taurasi poses for ‘ESPN The Magazine’ Body Issue (USA Today)

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