Mickey Mantle. Nude. On A Prison Website.

Mickey Mantle

That title right there has to be the weirdest title that has ever been written here at No Guts. But somehow, it’s true. Well, that’s according to a Sam Wagner who runs a website called “HotPrisonPals.com”.

And since I just had to type, “HotPrisonPals.com”, I’ll stop here and let Wagner explain how he got his hands on a picture of Mickey Mantle in the buff.

Mickey Mantle doesn’t belong on HotPrisonPals.com, the Web site Sam Wagner founded featuring incarcerated criminals. But Wagner posted a black-and-white photo of a man he claims is Mantle — in the prime of his Hall of Fame career with the Yankees — standing in front of his locker fully, frontally naked. “It was sent to me by a photographer who is very famous and I doubt would send me something not authentic,” Wagner told Page Six. “Mickey was such a big slugger. Damn.”

Well, alright.

‘Nude Mickey Mantle’ photo ends up on prison Web site (New York Post)

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