Mickey Mantle. Nude. On A Prison Website.

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Mickey Mantle

That title right there has to be the weirdest title that has ever been written here at No Guts. But somehow, it’s true. Well, that’s according to a Sam Wagner who runs a website called “HotPrisonPals.com”.

And since I just had to type, “HotPrisonPals.com”, I’ll stop here and let Wagner explain how he got his hands on a picture of Mickey Mantle in the buff.

Mickey Mantle doesn’t belong on HotPrisonPals.com, the Web site Sam Wagner founded featuring incarcerated criminals. But Wagner posted a black-and-white photo of a man he claims is Mantle — in the prime of his Hall of Fame career with the Yankees — standing in front of his locker fully, frontally naked. “It was sent to me by a photographer who is very famous and I doubt would send me something not authentic,” Wagner told Page Six. “Mickey was such a big slugger. Damn.”

Well, alright.

‘Nude Mickey Mantle’ photo ends up on prison Web site (New York Post)

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