Just A Mere Two Seasons After Winning A National Championship, ‘FireCoachMeyer.com’ Is Now Live

As much as I delight in seeing the Florida Gators drop three straight games and drop out of the top 25, creating a website to call for Urban Meyer’s head is just a wee bit crazy.

I mean, the man has won two National Championships since arriving in Gainesville and just reeled in arguably the best recruiting class ever assembled. Yet, people want him gone?

Apparently so.

What is it going to take for the University, Almuni, and Fans to realize that the leadership of Urban is now bringing down the program.

2010 is just as we worried…and it all started with the Flip Flop from our coach.

Is a coach bigger than the University of Florida? Meyer looked so sympathetic when he resigned and his daughter basically outed him as an absent father. Then, within hours he decides to come back against the wishes of his very own family. UF needs to just move on. The team is facing it’s largest rebuilding ever (New QB, New Assitant Coaches, etc) This emotional roller coaster is just starting. Urban is following basketball coach Billy Donovan in turning our mascot into a Flip Flop. Please join the conversation on our message boards…

No need to join the conservation on your message board, I already know it goes:

Bring back Steve Spurrier!

How about Kerwin Bell?

Think Emmitt Smith can coach?

Bring Tim Tebow in to coach!

Ahhhh, the joy of desperate Gator fans.

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