Joe Maddon Is Taking This Plaid Thing A Little Too Far

Tampa Bay Rays wearing plaid

When Tampa Bay Rays manager, Joe Maddon unveiled his “BRayser”, we all laughed. Yes, it was a horrible fashion idea, but it seemingly made him happy and we could just point and laugh at him. Win, win for everyone. But now Maddon is taking it beyond the fashion of himself and his team. The man has decided to encourage Rays fans to show up for their postseason games wearing plaid.

This man must be stopped.

This year’s novelty is the blue plaid in their team BRaysers and the bill of their new caps, and manager Joe Maddon is hoping fans will, um, check it out. “Real men wear plaid,” Maddon said. “Come on out in your plaids — that would be awesome. To have this ballpark plaided out would be very cool.”

News flash, Joe, it would not be very cool. It would not be very cool at all.

Fashion statement of the day (St. Petersburg Times)

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