Is Magic Johnson Trying To Buy A Sports Franchise?

Since he ended his days as a NBA player, Magic Johnson has been the ultimate business man.

He created Magic Johnson Enterprises in the 1990’s which has Magic Johnson Productions, Magic Johnson Theaters and Magic Johnson Studios as subsidiaries.

Along with a $700M empire, Johnson held ownership with other companies.
Until earlier this month, Johnson owned a minority stake in the Los Angeles Lakers, but sold it to Dr. Patrick Soon-Chiong and sold his Starbucks outlets back to the company.

Recently, Magic told the LA Times that he would be interested in bringing the NFL back to L.A.

Due to the recent unloading of assets, one can assume that Johnson is positioning himself to make a bid for a sports franchise, but which sport?

He reportedly has had interest in the Dodgers, Golden State Warriors and now he’s on record talking about a NFL team in L.A.
With business savvy and a fat checkbook, Magic will soon be a majority owner of some team.

Magic Interested in NFL team in L.A. (FOX Sports)

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